Best Accounting Courses

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Accounting is an essential part of any business, often referred to as “the language of business.” Like all languages, and perhaps even more so, accounting changes and evolves constantly. Therefore, “speakers” at all levels need to constantly broaden their knowledge and sharpen their skills. Online courses are one of the best ways to go about it.

Quick Look: Best Accounting Courses

  1. Accounting – A Brief Introduction – in 60 Minutes by UdemyGet this course
  2. 60 Minutes to Fundamental Accounting Skills by UdemyGet this course
  3. Accounting 101 How to Read an Accounting Balance Sheet by Udemy – Get this course
  4. Financial Accounting: Create Accounting Statement of Company by Udemy – Get this course
  5. Accounting – Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities by Udemy Get this course
  6. Financial Accounting – Payroll by Udemy – Get this course
  7. Advanced Accounting for Investment Banking by Udemy – Get this course
  8. Forensic Accounting and Investigation by Udemy – Get this course
  9. The Complete Advanced Course of Finance & Accounting by Udemy – Get this course

What to Look for in an Accounting Course

When looking for the right online accounting course, you should pay attention to the following —  the quality and structure of the course, the quality and reliability of the teachers and the price. Here’s a brief overview of each.

Quality and Structure of the Course

The first thing you should check when considering a particular online course is the quality and the structure of the curriculum. Your best bet here is to check which topics are included and the content of the course. If too little time is dedicated to important topics, chances are you won’t get your money’s worth. Another way to check whether a course is good or not is to look at its statistics. If it has a large number of negative reviews or a poor rating average, it’s more likely that something’s wrong with it and you should search further. A low number of enrolled students is a somewhat less reliable metric, especially if the course has only been created recently.

Quality and Reliability of the Teachers

Once you’ve found a course with an appropriate curriculum and good reviews, you should also perform a check on its creator or creators and make sure they’re the real deal. This is especially important with recently added courses by relatively unknown instructors. Check the teacher’s reputation among his or her peers and take a look at the student reviews. If there’s anything fishy going on, it will surface quickly.


You should take the price of the course into account as well. There are two things you should consider here. The first is your budget. If the course exceeds your spending limit, move on. However, if you structure your finances through one of the best budget apps, you can factor a class into your expenses. The second item to pay attention to make sure you’re not being overcharged for the knowledge you’re getting. To rule that out, compare as many courses as you can before making the final

Best Accounting Courses for Beginners

New to accounting? Try one of these beginner level accounting courses.

Accounting in 60 Minutes – A Brief Introduction

Beginner • 16 videos • 1.1 hours

1. Accounting – A Brief Introduction – in 60 Minutes by Udemy

Accounting might look very complicated to an outsider, but it doesn’t take all that much to grasp the basics. The course is short and concise and all about the foundations of accounting. The course was created by BrainyMoney and is available on Udemy. The course consists of a single one-hour video and has a set of seven downloadable resources. The lessons covered in this brief class include how to create a simplified balance sheet, how to distinguish between a credit and a debit, how to make journal entries and more. More than 26,000 students have taken this course at the moment of this writing and it has an average rating of 4.6. No prior knowledge is required.

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60 Minutes to Fundamental Accounting Skills

Beginner • 9 videos • 1.2 hours

2. 60 Minutes to Fundamental Accounting Skills by Udemy

If you want to learn the basics of business transactions, income statement preparation, and creating a trial balance in Excel, this course might be the one you need. The course is among the best 60-minute courses on accounting available on Udemy. The course material is taught in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and you don’t need any prior accounting knowledge. Recognizing and describing underlying financial statements and preparation of journal entries are also covered in the video. The course, taught by Blair Cook of Illumeo, has an average rating of 4.3 out of over 150 ratings, and 800 students have taken this class.

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Accounting 101: How to read an Accounting Balance Sheet

Beginner • 22 videos • 1.8 hours

3. Accounting 101 How to Read an Accounting Balance Sheet by Udemy

The ability to understand and analyze financial statements is one of the basic accounting skills and you can’t really hope to advance in the trade without it. If you’re just starting out and looking for a complete course on the subject, make sure to give “Accounting 101: How to Read Accounting Balance Sheet” a thought.

By the time you finish the course, KayOne Academy claims you will be able to make preliminary assessments of how a business is doing, as well as read balance sheets and annual reports like a pro. In the requirements section, KayOne Academy states that you only need time to complete the course and an open mind. The average rating of this course is 4.5.

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Best Accounting Classes for Intermediates

Interested in gaining an edge on your competition? Try one of these intermediate level accounting courses.

Financial Accounting: Create accounting statement of company

Intermediate • 21 videos • 0.6 hours

1. Financial Accounting: Create Accounting Statement of Company by Udemy

Reading and understanding an accounting statement is not the same as making one. If you want to learn how to create accounting statements, consider enrolling in the “Financial Accounting: Create Accounting Statement of Company” course.

This is an affordable and no-nonsense course that’s packed with useful info and tips. The included lessons cover the preparation of accounting statements and balance sheets and the relationships between the two. The course ranks high among similar courses, boasting a 4.6 average rating and almost 2,000 enrolled students. The course materials include a 30-minute video lesson, three articles, and two downloadable resources.

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Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities

Intermediate • 145 videos • 16 hours

2. Accounting – Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities by Udemy

While the basics of anything can be grasped in a fairly short amount of time, in-depth knowledge takes time and dedication. This course has around 16 hours of video material, ranking among the longest on the subject on Udemy.

In addition to the extensive video lessons, the course also offers 48 downloadable sources. Students also receive assignments throughout the course, as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the course. It covers the issuance of corporate bonds, bond retirement, present value calculations using various methods (Excel, formulas, tables), amortization tables, and many other topics pertaining to bonds, leases, and liabilities.

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Financial Accounting – Payroll

Intermediate • 199 videos • 21.4 hours

3. Financial Accounting – Payroll by Udemy

Financial Accounting – Payroll” is there for accountants and small business owners who want to learn all about payrolls. This comprehensive course offers lessons on legislation, payroll registration, federal income tax, and withholding taxes and many other topics related to payrolls.

The course was created by Robert Steele and is one of the top-ranking classes in its field on Udemy. As for requirements, you will have to have a good grasp of debits, credits, and financial accounting to make the most of this course. Over 21 hours of video materials are included. The course also offers 56 downloadable resources, various assignments, and a completion certificate. The average rating is 4.3 out of 111 ratings, with more than 2,200 enrolled students.

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Best Accounting Classes for Those with Advanced Accounting Knowledge

Are you an accounting expert? Try one of these top level advanced accounting courses.

Advanced Accounting for Investment Banking

Intermediate • 38 videos • 4.2 hours

1. Advanced Accounting for Investment Banking by Udemy

Advanced Accounting for Investment Banking” is one of the best advanced Udemy courses on accounting. This is a four-hour video course with one accompanying article and one downloadable resource. Its emphasis is a hands-on approach and practical exercises.

The course begins with the adjustment of financial statements and also covers inter-company investments, deferred taxes, and common issues and problems with debt-related activities. The course was created by Wall Street Prep and has had over 1,300 students thus far. The average rating is a more-than-solid 4.4 out of 121 ratings. If you’d like to expand your knowledge of investment accounting, check out these investing courses.

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

Intermediate • 16 videos • 0.9 hours

2. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation by Udemy

Forensics and investigation are exciting in every professional field including accounting. Usually, they imply that someone might have gotten their hands dirty and that it needs to be inspected. This course is one of the top accounting courses available on Udemy, and the best one that concentrates on investigative accounting. The course aims to teach the basics of forensic accounting, as well as the identification of engagements and various concepts used in this branch of accounting, how to tell the difference between investigative support and litigation and how to explore the processes used by forensic accountants in their line of work. The course has an average rating of 4.4 and 113 enrolled students. It was created by Lynn Fountain of Illumeo and is available in English. The curriculum includes 1.5 hours of video lessons, two articles and two downloadable resources. The full price of this course is $74.99. Get this course

The Complete Advanced Accounting and Finance Course

Intermediate • 53 videos • 4.5 hours

3. The Complete Advanced Course of Finance & Accounting by Udemy

The “Complete Advanced Course of Finance & Accounting” is for you if you’re an ambitious accountant. It covers a wide range of topics, such as deferred revenue, accounting cycle, exchange rate accounting, amortization and depreciation, prepaid accounting, accrual accounting, income tax accounting and more.

The course was created by Chris Benjamin, one of the leading experts in the field. It boasts a relatively strong 4.1 average rating and has had over 700 students. The curriculum includes four hours of videos, one article, and over 50 downloadable resources. You will also get a certificate upon the completion of the course. If you want even more expertise on the topic of finance, we suggest these finance books.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of current and past experience, an accountant can always learn something new or brush up some forgotten concepts. While not exhaustive, this list might give you a good idea about where to start looking for a good online course on accounting. That being said, if you’d like to expand your horizons and learn a thing or two about investing, don’t forget to look up these stock market books.