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Negative Reviews Aside, Apple Did A 'Commendable' Job With HomeKit


Unlike other products from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), HomeKit has not been getting the kind of positive reviews the company is used to.

Wall Street Journal recently published a review on the HomeKit titled, "Apple HomeKit Review: Siri’s New Smart Home Already Needs Renovation," in which the reviewer elaborates on the problem of using the smarthome platform.

Though others might see launching a less than perfect product as a mistake by Apple, Social Radar V.P. of Social Marketing, Shana Glenzer, thinks that the average consumer is going to be appreciative of the product.

Glenzer was on Fox Business News on Thursday to explain why she thinks so.

Commendable Job

"It is uncharacteristic for Apple to release something maybe in a little bit more crude state, but I think what they're trying to do is commendable here," Glenzer said. "They're trying to create industry standards around the smarthome and they're doing this with three specific things that I think that consumers, the average Joe, is going to be appreciative of: privacy, security, and just general programming workability."

Will Benefit Consumers In Years To Come

"So, privacy they're not doing things like listening to you all the time like your Nest or taking in data all the time like Google's Nest does. With security they're requiring people to include encryption, which means people can't hack in to your smarthome.

"So, I think people are going to appreciative of the fact that they are releasing it early to kind of work out some of the kinks and to allow other developers to build on this platform, even though it maybe a little crude right now, it will benefit average Joe in the years to come," Glenzer concluded.


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