Tesla On-Screen Wiper Controls Ruled Illegal In Germany

When the Model 3 was first released, the sparse interior was polarizing. Many people loved the look, but the concern remained of how usable the car would be when everything was controlled from a touchscreen.

Tesla's Wiper Conundrum: Several years after release, it seems a single accident has caused a German court to rule that Tesla Inc's TSLA on-screen wiper controls are illegal, according to Electrek. 

This comes shortly after a German court ruled that Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self Driving software names are misleading to consumers.

The wipers on the Model 3 — and Model Y — can be used for a single swipe with a physical button on a stalk, like most cars. To adjust the speed, the driver has to hit a single button on the touch screen.

Voice controls can also be used to fully control the wipers. The wipers have an automatic setting in which they will wipe whenever the cameras detect rain.

Benzinga's Take: Does this mean Tesla will remove the on-screen controls, leaving drivers only the voice control option? Or perhaps a physical retrofit is possible.  

Photo courtesy of Tesla. 

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