Dogecoin Co-Founder Threatens Influencer With Legal Action: 'You Are Breaking The Law'

Dogecoin Co-Founder Threatens Influencer With Legal Action: 'You Are Breaking The Law'

Dogecoin DOGE/USD co-founder Billy Markus threatened cryptocurrency influencer Matt Wallace with legal action and accused him of conducting criminal activity.

What Happened: In his Wednesday tweet, Markus addressed Wallace, saying "Matt, literally, you are breaking the law." Furthermore, he told him that the Dogecoin foundation is "looking into taking legal action against you."

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Wallace's now-deleted tweet said that his "favorite thing about Dogecoin is the positivity." Markus responded, asking Wallace to "knock it off with this 'positivity' thing. There is nothing positive about being a criminal, the thing you are doing."

Wallace recently launched his project Accept Dogecoin ACEPT/USD which says it is on "a mission to get Dogecoin accepted by companies across the globe."

Dogecoin influencer Doge Whisperer asked the project in a Wednesday tweet what was the reason to launch a new token when trying to educate retailers to accept Dogecoin. "Why not raise capital in Doge, pay people in Doge & teach retailers about Doge?," he further asked.

Markus told Wallace that he can "not release the trademark violation token" alongside his "criminal partner" and said that "Dogecoin people wouldn't care if you stopped shilling Dogecoin while doing your own shady" dealings.

"Stop talking about Dogecoin. Go away," he said in conclusion.

Wallace has been widely criticized by the Dogecoin community for some time, with one Reddit user saying that he is hurting the ecosystem "with his constant ridiculous predictions" and one late 2021 Reddit post describing him as "the worse thing to happen to DOGE."

The report follows the influencer promoting Tiger King TKING/USD — a meme coin based on the name-sake Netflix Inc. NFLX docuseries — with some believing that he sent it soaring in early July.

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