This Australian Blockchain Jobs Platform Plans To Add Shiba Inu As Payment Option

This Australian Blockchain Jobs Platform Plans To Add Shiba Inu As Payment Option

Shiba Inu SHIB/USD adoption has been increasingly rapidly, lending credence to the SHIB community's assertion that it is more than a meme coin.

What Happened: As recently as this week, Australia's LaborX announced that it is working on adding Shiba Inu as a payment option on its blockchain jobs platform. LaborX, according to its LinkedIn profile, is a blockchain-based freelance platform that provides secure blockchain-based work contracts for crypto enthusiasts.

Freelancers registered with the platform now number around 48,000, and they are paid in cryptocurrencies. The Australian company said in the tweet, starting next week, its registered freelancers can choose to earn Shiba Inu by completing tasks.

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Why It's Important: Online electronics retailer Newegg Commerce, Inc. NEGG are among the companies that have decided to accept Shiba Inu directly. With cryptocurrency payment company Flexa integrating Shiba Inu on its platform, the meme currency is now accepted as a payment option by a few companies, which have tie-ups with Flexa.

Others, including AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. AMC, have confirmed they will soon begin to accept Shiba Inu. The one big catalyst that the SHIB community is looking forward to is the meme currency making its way into Robinhood Markets, Inc.'s HOOD list of tradable instruments.

At last check, Shina Inu was down 1.45% at $0.00002784.

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