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The New SuperBid Auctioning App Will Revolutionize Fan Engagement

May 17, 2021 2:25 pm
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The New SuperBid Auctioning App Will Revolutionize Fan Engagement

New York, May 17, 2021 –  While there are more opportunities for influencers to connect with their audience than ever before, these initiatives do not give a voice to influencers of every kind, nor do they offer their audiences a direct platform for interacting with influencers through socially engaged auctions.

The revolutionary SuperBid auctioning app gives influencers a network to finally earn significant revenue for their content, unlike other social media which commonly offer 50/50 revenue splits. On SuperBid, influencers will be able to auction off physical goods, digital items such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and unique experiences – and it allows fans to discover, support, and even chat directly with their favorite influencers while their auctions are running. SuperBid plans to enable bids made in cryptocurrency, thereby leveraging the technical benefits of trustless blockchain systems and allowing users to access cryptocurrency seamlessly.

“SuperBid is an unusual project. I’m not afraid to use those words. It combines traditional business with influencer marketing, online auctions, eCommerce live streaming, and cryptocurrency. From each sector, we took something that works well. Thanks to this, we have garnered huge interest from leaders in both the influencer and cryptocurrency industries,” says CEO/co-founder Patryk Gajda. “The free SuperBid app will open the doors to influencers of all sizes, taking lessons learned from common platforms like TikTok and Cameo,” adds CTO/co-founder Wojciech Sobczuk. “While the app is still in development, the SuperBid revolution is driven by its growing community of over 10,000 future users, influencers with over 15 million followers, and numerous cryptocurrency partners in the NFT and consulting space.” 

As SuperBid works to build its portfolio of influencers and increase its leverage in the market, its developers are also constructing future functionalities which will allow influencers to auction NFTs, and even run a livestream while doing so. NFTs have been a popular topic in the mainstream media since artists and influencers alike can earn profit through truly one-of-a-kind items.

There’s another phase to SuperBid’s plan, one that involves giving back to the community. Since the app will function as an online, social auction room that uses modern currency to make a profit, its developers are ensuring that once auctions are closed on the app, a portion of company earnings will be dedicated to charities. 

“SuperBid is bridging the gap between half of the world’s population of social media users and cryptocurrency. We truly believe that SuperBid is forging a revolution with a nod to influencers and the value of their content,” says Max Gross, COO. “Our team supports those that are trying to make a living online. Future generations won’t have the same access to jobs as I did, so we’re doing our part by attempting to inspire everybody, encourage that the impossible is possible, and transform a connected, yet isolated world that is in dire need of human interaction.”

 To join our movement, visit www.superbid.io/.

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