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Tokenplace will Launch their Token Today, Trying to Bridge the Gap Between Crypto and Traditional Investing Platforms

May 13, 2021 3:20 pm
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Tokenplace will Launch their Token Today, Trying to Bridge the Gap Between Crypto and Traditional Investing Platforms

Perhaps the kind reader has had some experience in the Forex trade? If not, don't despair; you should still keep reading. 

Suppose you have indeed been involved in any of the manifold Forex platforms available for all kinds of users on the web; you'll know that they bring together an insane amount of sophistication with a high degree of ease of use.

Thus you can apply any metric, technique, or whatever else you can represent over a candle chart so that you can observe the market and decide on your trades to your heart's content. Unfortunately, if you try to find similar functionality in the cryptoverse, you will not be in luck. Granted, the biggest Forex providers include some crypto trading pairs (at least Ethereum and Bitcoin), but that's not what you want if you're deep into the cryptoverse.

The Problem of Market Maturity

So why are the crypto platforms so far behind their Forex or Stock Exchange cousins in functionality? After all, some of the best software writers in the world are involved in blockchain communities in some capacity, so there's no shortage of talent in that regard. Well, it all comes down to maturity.

Markets as Forex or Stock exchanges have been around for centuries, literally. So by the time that digital technology found them, there was already a vast amount of expertise among traders, investors, and institutions. They knew what a digital platform should do. So they did it.

Cryptocurrencies are in the opposite camp in many ways. It's not only that they intend to do away with all forms of traditional financial activity. Even Bitcoin, the oldest digital coin, has been around for a relatively short period. Thus, every crypto platform is rather new and immature. And its functionality gives that fact away.

So while there is no lack of technical talent working on blockchain projects and platforms, there decidedly is something of a void when it comes to investing, business, and designing palatable products for the general public.

So Why Tokenplace?

Enter Tokenplace. This is a new trading platform started by crypto traders who know their business too. Hence they can spot the inefficiencies that currently plague many decentralized exchanges, thus keeping things too complicated for crypto to break into the mainstream.

Tokenplace is launching its campaign today, and it aims to bring the best of both worlds into a single place. Their Beta version offers multi-exchange smart trading algos for 30+ top exchanges, with full market aggregation slated for next year. 

That solves all the problems that come along with low liquidity (erratic price behavior being the most notorious one). But also, it will offer users a level of functionality that can at least begin to compare with other more traditional services.

The new platform's goal is to provide a single Know Your Customer (KYC) scheme in which users can carry out seamless transactions that trade simultaneously on dozens of top exchanges. The service comes in two flavors: Free and Premium subscriptions.

The paid service will give you access to one of the site's core features, including the Smart Post order, an automated process that splits an order over multiple exchanges, thus getting an optimal price impossible to achieve while doing business on a single platform. But the free service is still quite powerful and allows every user to have all exchange accounts and analysis tools available in a single interface.

The system includes mobile options for iOS and Android, as it's unavoidable in our current times, so that you can follow your trades from your pocket at any moment in the day, from any location in the world.

Today is the TrustSwap launch of TOK, the cryptocurrency token that supports the new platform’s operations. So those traders who delight in looking for exotic black horses in the crypto market will have a very good time getting some new tokens for their collection.

It's an exciting time to see the new developments in crypto now that the sector is exploding. With millions of new users rapidly becoming crypto owners, a new tool must emerge that combines pro features with optimum usability. 

Tokenplace's proposal to use parallel trading and traditional functionality to bring cryptocurrency trade closer to the mainstream is quite interesting indeed. Time will tell if the markets support their idea. And we will report what happens next.

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