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From 230% Growth To 34.20% Fall: Best And Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies Of The Week

January 17, 2021 5:11 pm
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From 230% Growth To 34.20% Fall: Best And Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies Of The Week

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) may get the most attention among digital currencies, but they do not necessarily show the biggest price movements. 

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, was trading at $36,562.08 just prior to publication of this article, having lost 1.23% in a week amid volatility. It went from $36,568.53 on Jan. 11 to $39,966.41 on Jan. 13, to the current trading price.

Ethereum, the leading altcoin and second cryptocurrency by market capitalization, started the week at $1,088.53, peaked at $1,286 on Jan. 16, and was trading at $1,257.26 at the time of publishing.

Now let’s have a look at the cryptocurrencies with the highest and lowest performances during the past week, which some much wider swings.

Best Performing Cryptocurrencies 

1. HedgeTrade (HEDG), ranked 55 on CoinMarketCap (CMC), has had the biggest growth of the week — 230.23%. 

The cryptocurrency started the week at $0.4582 and began growing on Jan. 14, reaching a high of $2 for the week on Jan. 15.

It was trading at $1.57 at time of publishing, with a market capitalization of $542,388,901.

2. Voyager Token (VGX) has seen 140.28% growth this week. 

Ranked at 88 among the 8,265 coins listed on CMC, it opened the week at $0.5183 and was trading at $1.05 at publication time.

3. Curve Dao Token (CRV) started the week with $0.6216 on Jan. 11 and was at $1.68 as of publication time, gaining 129.57% in seven days. Ranked 75th, its current capitalization is $324,767,576.

Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies 

1. Kin (KIN) has lost 34.20% over the week, falling from $0.00005563, Jan. 11, to $0.0000419 at publishing time. 

With a current market cap of $63,738,26, it is ranked 164 on CMC.

2. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), with no affiliation to Bitcoin Core (BTC), has gone down from $0.9427 at the start of the week to $0.7339 at press time, having lost 31.97% of its price. It is ranked at 111.

3. Holo (HOT), ranked 118th, went from $0.0008916 to $0.0007111 in a week, for a fall of 28.26%.

Photo by Napendra Singh on Unsplash.

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