Survey Finds 71% Of Crypto Asset Investors Prefer Institutional Custody, Citing Concerns Around Security And Death

As Bitcoin (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC prices continue to move towards the $10,000 price mark, many investors are putting more thought into how to safely store their crypto assets. A recent survey done by iTrustCapital showed that 71% of customers feel more safe having their assets stored with an institutional custody provider as opposed to storing their own private keys.

Self Storage And Death Risks

Investors cited two main reasons why they prefer institutional custody over self storage. The first reason is the complexity and risks associated with not only generating their own private keys, but then having to securely store them as well. The second reason was around beneficiaries and how only proper custody allows their loved ones to be able to redeem the digital asset wealth if the owner passes away.

iTrustCapital built the first low cost Crypto IRA platform that combines 24/7 trading of crypto assets with institutional custody provided by their partner Curv. While the tax advantages of investing in IRA’s are obvious, many investors are starting to realize the additional benefits that come from institutional custody, which include increased security and peace of mind. 

Institutional Custody Provides Peace Of Mind

When looking at existing major asset classes like Stocks and Bonds, very few investors choose to protect physical stock and bond certificates in their homes. Since the beginning of modern economies individuals have found solace in their ability to store their wealth with a trusted source who specializes in security and storage. The crypto industry has seen the space become more institutionalized over time, which can be seen by custodian news over the past few years. While Curv has been one of the clear leaders in the space since 2017, other big players such as Coinbase Custody and Gemini Custody went live in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

“I love having the ability to store my own wealth as much as anyone, but using an institutional custody partner is simply good risk management and helps investors know their families can recover their assets in a worst-case scenario” said Anthony Bertolino, Director of Brand and Customer Experience, iTrustCapital​.

If you want to learn more about the importance of alternative assets, retirement accounts and proper custody, head to and schedule a free call.

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