Psychedelic Therapy Boosted By 3D Movement Data? This Company Is Aiming To Patent The Combination

Psychedelic Therapy Boosted By 3D Movement Data? This Company Is Aiming To Patent The Combination

Canadian magic mushrooms and truffles producer Red Light Holland Corp. TRUFF’s wholly-owned subsidiary, health tech firm Radix Motion Inc., has received an International Preliminary Report on Patentability for its patent application on 3D movement data usage in psychedelic therapy.

"Red Light Holland continues to work with a stellar team to protect our unique intellectual property aimed at increasing the benefits and responsible access to natural psilocybin," said Red Light’s CEO and director Todd Shapiro.

The Patent

With the patent first filed in July 2020, a USPTO examiner found that all seven claims comprised in the application are novel, and have both an inventive step and “industrial applicability” (utility.) 

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The examiner found that the claims were not previously made, which renders them allowable and eligible for fast-track examination under the Patent Prosecution Highway in the US, Canada and other participating patent offices.

Data As A Key

Red Light CIO and Radix CEO Sarah Hashkes explained that the company aims to combine psychedelic usage data with technology that understands human bodies and how they move, in order to customize treatments and interventions to increase potential benefits while also utilizing “objective data for research and legalization efforts.”

Red Light’s patent advisor Graham Pechenik shared his thrill to participate in both companies' “unique and ethical approach to patents that takes into account user privacy and seeks to protect innovative technology.” 

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Pechenik believes the latest reviews by the USPTO examiner constitute “a great step” towards potentially being granted a patent, as “the opinion indicates that all of the method claims relating to psychedelic therapy are allowable as written, and it suggests how the broader claims can be amended to cover the inventors' contributions in ways that are allowable too.” 

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