[Video] How Tim Seymour And Emily Paxhia See Global Cannabis Markets: What's Up Beyond The US?

[Video] How Tim Seymour And Emily Paxhia See Global Cannabis Markets: What's Up Beyond The US?

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Transcript (auto-generated)

emily how are you thinking about the
footprint of these companies and how
globally are you thinking about it
because again you know as someone that
talks about cannabis on cnbc uh i'm
invested both on the hedge fund side i
run an etf um and and i've been
investing in emerging markets my whole
career and i consider cannabis in an
emerging market and and you know the the
righteousness about uh the u.s market
over other markets and obviously canada
um to their credit um really federalized
first at least in a major way and and
obviously we all know the capital
markets dynamics that have this industry
struggling um scratching their head
really i mean i think the industry
actually if you think about how
successful these companies have been
without capital markets think about what
they're going to do when capital markets
come on board but but emily i mean you
know a lot of people uh rightfully point
out the u.s is the biggest market in the
world why would i want to focus anywhere
else and and again i think there's too
much um actually over-righteous i want
to invest in places i'm going to make
money and i think there are places to
make money everywhere how do you think
about this yeah so we we were early
investors in canada rotated that capital
into the us as we saw u.s lifting off
and and i still think u.s is going to be
a tremendous opportunity from the cpgs
like really getting into that category
and hitting it beautifully and hitting
it hard on the global play we've
invested into columbia mexico and
western europe and the way that we've
participated in that supply chain is
investing more on the medical side and
looking at eu gmp certified operators
who have experience in more of the
pharma and strong wellness background
and just putting the product along the
rails of an existing infrastructure
around quality control and making sure
the consumer is getting a certain tier
of product and quality of product it's a
little bit different than what we've
seen here in the us which has been
really fast and aggressive and these are
kind of it's just like a slower a bit of
a longer tail play but i agree with you
tim i think that if we ignore the rest
of the world it's a little bit of hubris
and a blind spot so we have to be wise
about how we approach it and i have been
interested to see how the different msos
have kind of put down
flags in other countries

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