Rove Launches Ice Hash Live Rosin

Rove Launches Ice Hash Live Rosin

Rove Premier, a new-for-2022 suite of cannabis products from legacy and national cannabis manufacturer Rove, released Ice Hash Live Rosin. Ice Hash Live Rosin is a solventless extract produced through a heritage process utilizing only ice, heat, pressure and water. New Ice Hash Live Rosin by Rove is available now in California, in three strains and two formats. Other Rove markets will begin to carry Ice Hash Live Rosin later in 2022.

The Ice Hash Live Rosin user experience is consistent with Rove's legacy vapes, upgraded with a terpene-rich, flower high. Made from 100% cannabis, without any chemicals or additives, the live rosin is produced in an artisan process. Fresh-frozen cannabis trichomes are separated from the plant using an ice-bath process to produce top-grade, 5-6 star ice hash. The ice hash is cold-pressed by hand to produce a terpene-rich rosin, and then cold-cured for two weeks to produce the perfect texture for dabbing. The resulting rosin is never refined, and is either sent to shelves as a dabbable concentrate or placed through a slow-melt process for another 96 hours to become ready to vape. Truly a 100% solventless process, there are no solvents used at any point in production.

Rove president Paul Jacobson stated, "Our new Ice Hash Live Rosin takes this traditional process of cold-pressing cannabis and supercharges it with best-in-class sourcing and years of commitment to cutting edge technology to offer the most authentic, enjoyable cannabis experience possible. Our new live rosin products really are the most authentic, cleanest full-flower cannabis experience."

New Ice Hash strains include an indica called Tropaya, a sativa called Chocolope and a hybrid called Fatso. Available formats include a one-gram solventless, dab-ready concentrate and a half-gram, pen-ready vape. The brand suggests the concentrate is best enjoyed using Rove's proprietary, low-temperature 510 thread rosin cartridge that the company spent over six years continuously optimizing, and allows the thicker live rosin material to flow easily into the atomizer for a premium cannabis experience. All Rove Ice Hash Live Rosin products are produced using fresh-frozen and single-sourced whole flower.

Photo: Courtesy of Rove

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