MAPS Launches Online Course Providing 'Accurate, Evidence-based Information On Psychedelics'

MAPS Launches Online Course Providing 'Accurate, Evidence-based Information On Psychedelics'

MAPS, an NGO leading research in the psychedelics spaceis launching “Psychedelic Fundamentals,” an online psychedelic education program providing "accurate, evidence-based information on psychedelics," now available for purchase on the organization's website.

The course stands as a possible launching point for those completely new to the psychedelics world, seeking basic knowledge on how these compounds work and what their effects can be. 

The curriculum was developed jointly with Interwoven, a company specializing in the growth of education, online learning, nonprofit, and community impact verticals through the development of digital learning experiences.

Within five modules, the program covers a range of topics including psychedelic history, science, clinical research, therapeutic uses and harm reduction. Each module contains a series of short, easy-to-follow lessons complimented by MAPS' new online community platform, where fellow learners and psychedelic advocates can connect.

The non-profit assures that experienced psychedelic users will also find the guide a useful resource with the latest on psychedelic policy, as well as harm-reduction strategies to increase the likelihood of an "ideal" therapeutic experience.

MAPS digital director, Shirelle Noble, said that Psychedelic Fundamentals is a program for everyone, even for those who may never take a psychedelic themselves. 

“Within the next few years, millions of people may be eligible for a prescription of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Having access to a science-based educational curriculum, backed by MAPS' nearly four decades as the world leader in psychedelics, will give people shared language and knowledge to better care for loved ones who may be looking into these treatments," Noble explained.

MAPS is a long-standing advocate for correcting misinformation spread over decades by the War on Drugs policies. The present course intends to be an answer to a growing public demand for information on psychedelics.

Photo Cortesy of Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

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