Mike Tyson Is Bringing Tyson 2.0 Cannabis Brand To Canada

Mike Tyson Is Bringing Tyson 2.0 Cannabis Brand To Canada

In June, Mike Tyson's cannabis brand, Tyson 2.0 is launching two new products in the Canadian market.
During an interview with Complex Canada, Mike Tyson said “It’s the Year of the Ear,” in reference to ear-shaped THC edibles called Mike's Bites. The other product is called TKO, dried cannabis flowers that were grown by Purplefarm Genetics from Ontario.
Tyson said Ric Flair, the legendary American boxer is also part of his brand. He said he has known Ric for many years.
“My CEO Chad introduced him and he became a friend. And Chad is the smartest guy on our team, so it was a no-brainer that Ric Flair had to be on the team. He’s so legendary. He’s so hip. I’m talking with everybody, inner-city kids. He talks a lot of shit, so that’s how we relate to him. And I think no one else deserves it but him,” Tyson said.

Tyson's Relationship With Cannabis

"I think cannabis is very essential to that perspective because, just for instance—and it’s gonna sound a little weird when I express this—if you take a bunch of gangbangers and you put ‘em in a room and you give ‘em some liquor, they’re gonna kill each other. You put a bunch of gangbangers in the room, you give some good weed, they’re gonna start taking selfies," Tyson said.
“With cannabis, I’m very objective and I have an objective to accomplish,” he said.
He also remembered that before a fight in Denver, he smoked some weed to calm his nerves down and, after that he got fined $300,000. “Can you believe that!? $300,000 because of weed! Weed! Over weed! I got $300,000 because I had some weed that I smoked. It’s supposed to be a dehancer, not an enhancer, and they still fined me,” Tyson concluded.


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