The Cannabis Brand Of The Flaming Lips' Frontman Wayne Coyne Expands In Oklahoma Via New Partnership

The Nirvana Group, a seed-to-sale cannabis company in Oklahoma, is partnering with Love Yer Brain, the cannabis brand founded by Wayne Coyne, frontman of the iconic rock band The Flaming Lips (and proud Oklahoman), to increase availability to patients across Oklahoma, create innovative and new specialty products, and expand into new markets.

The mutually beneficial collaboration sees The Nirvana Group cultivating and sourcing the cannabis used in Love Yer Brain's products, as well as handling manufacturing duties. The Nirvana Group's wholesale operation Argent Cannabis, the Sooner State's only cash and carry concept with locations in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, will handle distribution and retailing, including across The Nirvana Group's network of dispensaries across the state.

In addition, there are plans for The Nirvana Group to produce and introduce Love Yer Brain beyond Oklahoma into states in the Northeast and the Southwest.

Additionally, The Nirvana Group will introduce a re-formulated brain-shaped gummy using a strain-specific, full-spectrum live resin. This new formula will allow Love Yer Brain to offer an array of edibles with dialed-in effects. The first batch will feature legacy sativa strain, Purple Haze, and indica strain, Dosidos. Leafly describes Purple Haze as a "nostalgic sativa staple (that) remains cherished for its high energy cerebral stimulation that awakens creativity and blissful contentment throughout the day," which aligns with the brand's "This Is Yer Brain on Plants" mission. Love Yer Brain will offer Sativa and Indica-specific products in Watermelon, Green Apple, and Raspberry, with more flavors coming this summer.

"This partnership will allow us to reach even more creative humans so they too can enjoy, not only the highest-quality cannabis products in the licensed market, but also enjoy the Absurdness and beauty and awareness of the the wonder of life," said Wayne Coyne, founder of Love Yer Brain.

It's no secret that for the past decade Coyne has become somewhat of a gummy connoisseur. From releasing new music on USB drives embedded inside a gummy skull and fetus in 2011, to creating the largest life-sized gummy-man ever made in 2016. With Oklahoma's legalization of medical marijuana four years ago came a perfect opportunity to expand on Wayne's canon of gelatin-based chewable sweet creations – but with a higher purpose — to help creatives.

"Love Yer Brain doesn't make you creative, we're presenting a product for people who are already creative. Love Yer Brain is a little bit of a helper to let you get past these worst fears, these little hesitations, about what it is that you're doing, what is it you're about to do, and what is it going to mean, even to you," said Coyne.

"The Nirvana Group and Argent Cannabis are thrilled to partner with Love Yer Brain. We are committed to research, development, and distribution with the best brands in Oklahoma and to being a one-stop shop for progressive industry leaders," added Arshad (Adam) Lasi, CEO of The Nirvana Group. "We're excited to partner with Wayne at this pivotal time for the Oklahoma market and look forward to providing for both loyal Love Yer Brain fans as well as new audiences with tailored access to an array of cutting-edge, cannabis products."

"The partnership with The Nirvana Group will give us the ability to launch new products and scale more efficiently. We have a lot of exciting news to share, and we look forward to continuing to build with Adam and his team in Oklahoma and beyond," concluded Evan Eneman, Love Yer Brain co-founder and CEO of Sands Lane.


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