MÜV Cannabis Dispensary Goes Up In Flames, Did Firefighters Get Blazed Putting Out The Blaze?

Zinger Key Points
  • Firefighters Inhale High Levels Of Smoke, Wonder How They Felt?
  • No Injuries Reported Just Lots Of Cannabis Up In Smoke

The fire broke out at the MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Clearwater, Florida, disrupting traffic on the highway and prompting at least a dozen firefighters to the building. MÜV is operated by Verano Holdings Corp.  VRNOF, which recently opened its 42nd and 43rd MÜV dispensaries in Florida.

A photo released by Clearwater Fire & Rescue just after noon on Thursday showed smoke lingering as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. 

Clearwater Fire & Rescue doused inside the MÜV dispensary as heavy smoke poured out onto the street and surrounding area.  

Firefighters quickly got the fire under control, and no injuries were reported.

The amount of cannabis that went up in smoke? No reports as yet. The number of firefighters who had their first, best or latest weed high? Same...no reports as yet.


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