Cannabis Regulatory Update: New York, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri

New York Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Rule To Give Advantage To Those With Cannabis Convictions To Open Weed Shops First 

As previously announced, New York lawmakers voted Thursday for a set of rules that will prioritize people with prior cannabis convictions to get the first round of adult-use cannabis retail licenses—ahead of existing medical cannabis businesses. 

The policy is part of a concerted effort to assure that early business owners in New York's projected billion-dollar marijuana industry will be members of communities that have been affected by the nation’s decades-long war on drugs.

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) administration noted that the new rule is a part of the “Seeding Opportunity Initiative.”

Delaware House Passes On Adult-Use Marijuana Measure 

The Delaware House of Representatives passed on the legislation (HB 305) to regulate the recreational cannabis market in the state on Thursday, reported NORML. Even though a majority of regulators supported the measure, it didn’t manage to acquire a 3/5 supermajority to reach the Senate.

The legislation, authored by Rep. Ed Osienski, would have allowed those 21 years and older to own up to one ounce of marijuana and would have created a framework for its retail production and sale.

Delaware NORML’s executive director, Laura Sharer, said: “I am outraged that the House of Representatives voted against the interests of a common sense, citizen-led movement supported by 61 percent of Delawareans. Our coalition has been working on this measure for nearly a decade, and there’s been majority support for this legislation the entire time.”

Kentucky House Judiciary Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Bill 

A bill to legalize medical cannabis use was approved by the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, reported U.S. News. A similar version of the bill didn’t pass the Senate in 2020.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Jason Nemes (R), cleared the House in a 15-1 vote, obtaining powerful bipartisan support.

I think the debate is over with respect to whether or not medical cannabis helps people,” Nemes said at Thursday’s hearing. “I don’t think there’s anybody—even the staunchest opponents—that says that it doesn’t help some people. I think that debate is in the past.”

“This bill is no joke,” he added. “This is a law enforcement-heavy, this is a medication-heavy bill. This is not a wink-wink nod-nod to get to recreational. I don’t want to slouch toward recreational.”

Regulators Of St. Louis County, MO Approve Measure To Ban Cannabis Testing For Most Workers 

Lawmakers in St. Louis County in Missouri approved Tuesday legislation to ban pre-employment and random drug testing for marijuana for most workersrevealed Marijuana Moment.

The legislation, sponsored by Councilmember Lisa Clancy (D), stated: “No person currently employed by St. Louis County or applying for employment by St. Louis County shall be required to undergo pre-employment or random drug testing for the presence of marijuana metabolites (THC) as a condition or part of employment.”

The measure mentions expectations, of course, such as people who are required to undergo drug testing under certain state or federal laws, like those who work in safety for example. 

In addition, as Missouri moves on slowly to legalize marijuana, minorities in the state are worried about being excluded.


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