These Are The Top Medical Cannabis Strains

These Are The Top Medical Cannabis Strains

By Peer Roni

The year 2020 was a year of change around the world, with constant news about climate crises and repeated waves of different covid-19 variants; in the meantime, silently and consistently, with a lot of determination, an industry has developed. This industry provides hundreds of tons of top-quality product, the most diverse product the human global consumer culture has ever met: Medical Cannabis.

The year 2021 opened in a sign of public and economic global healing, and the usage and acceptance of this miraculous herb started to gain speed, spreading and evolving. There is no need to prolong in talking about the many health benefits of medical marijuana, this "new legal drug" replaces opiates (traditional painkillers) and gives many patients the opportunity to return to a reasonable life and communicate with the outside world.

Due to multiplicity and great variety of strains and sub-strains along with different and synonymous generic brand names for inflorescence products of medical cannabis, many of us experience difficulty at a monthly level regarding the strains we will take as our remedy for the variously physical and mental pains to which it is dedicated In the following short article we will review the top medical marijuana strains for 2021, from the patient's perspective. We will learn to know them and better understand the many medical benefits and different uses in descending order.

No. 10 : TK Lato 13 - Hybrid 23%

At first glance the flowers are relatively dense and have a bright green inflorescence with orange trichomes (tiny colored hairish texture for the naked eye) that enriches it.

Lemon and diesel aromas and noticeable sweet taste against a diesel background with a delicate vanila-earthy aftertaste.

Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene

Intended for treatment of

Stress, PTSD, Pain, Loss of appetite, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines and Nausea

General Impression  

Elevates mood, relieves fibromyalgia and muscle aches

No. 9 : Freud Super Ego - Hybrid 24%

A strong medical strain with a noticeable physical effect.

Comes from RCK, and originates from the breeding of Critical-Plus and Blueberry strains.

The flower is airy and has the appearance of a classic sativa, the trimming is partial.

A pleasant herbal aroma is filling our nose and a sweet-pine taste creates a fruity atmosphere with the inhalation by vaping or smoking

Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, Ocemene

Intended for the treatment of

Post-Trauma, Anxiety and Pain

General Impression

Stimulates and sharpens thoughts, allows to put the pain aside

No. 8 : Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid 18%

This is a hybrid phenotype of the famous Gsc genetics. This strain originally developed from OG Kush and Durban Poison strains by the founders of "Cookies'' company Brenner and Jay.

The inflorescence of this strain is oval and covered with trichomes and relatively dense small flowers reminiscent of purple diamonds.

Delicate aroma, lemony spicy but very gentle, and Light and sweet-spicy mint flavor with a distant tone of sweet vanila-earth. The taste is even richer and more noticeable than the aroma.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool

Intended for the treatment of

Pain relief, relieving nausea, sleep disorders, anxiety

General Impression 

A good strain that gives euphoric relief , pain relief, mood improvement and creativity

No. 7: Bubble Gum - Indica 21%

Indica dominant strain created by an amelioration of a strain called "Indiana Bubble Gum" for the purpose of emphasizing the sweet and rich tropical taste. This is the very first strain to come out of the old dutch company "THSeeds" back in 1993.

Its dark inflorescence exudes a sweet fragrance that opens with tropical notes, a body reminiscent of berries and a finish reminiscent of a fruity gum flavor.

The taste is tropical sweet-gum, berries with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Terpenes: Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene, Terpinolene

Intended for the treatment of

Mental stress, Anxiety, Sleep problems, Chronic Pain

General Impression 

An excellent strain that induces deep relaxation, analgesia, relaxes muscle tone, facilitates creative thinking, causes drowsiness and prepares the body for sleep.

No. 6 : Gelato - Hybrid 20%

Hybrid strain developed in California by "Cookies Fam Genetics". Its origins come from 'Thin Mint Gsc" and "Sunset Sherbet" strains'.

Characterized by a sharp sour citrus aroma with cream and cookie notes.

The taste gets a sweet direction rich in fruits, plants and Fresh soil flavors.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Ocemene, Terpinolene, Pinene 

Intended for the treatment of 

Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

General Impression

Relaxing, peaceful, analgesic, not particularly tiring, motivates creativity, evokes a desire to communicate with the environment, has a powerful and long-lasting effect.

No. 5 : Killer Queen - Hybrid 22.2%

A hybrid strain created by Vic High from the CBGA Collective. formed as a result of scattering of Cinderella 99 pollen on G13 cuttings that just began to bloom. This Strain has hybrid genetics with a balanced effect.

Bright inflorescences and crystalline flowers full of stamens and golden yellow trichomes

Sweet- Sour tropical aroma with citrus-tropical notes of orange and pineapple

The taste is also sour-sweet, citrusy and reminiscent of an orange or pineapple with hints of cherry flavor.

Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene

Intended For the treatment of

Headaches, Depression , Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorders

General Impression

The effect of this strain is mostly mental, Elevates, aids Concentration

No. 4 : Skywalker OG - Indica 21%

This is a strong indica strain created by a combination of OG Kush and Skywalker strains, manifested in a dominant indica genetics, work of JoshD and Dutch Passion

Bright dense orange flowers with multiple stamens and trichomes.

Citrus aroma and musk combined with soil and a sweet citrus plant extension with delicate notes of bark and lemon peel.

Spicy earthy taste, sweet citrus plant extension.

Terpenes: Pinene, Humolene, Linalool, Terpinolene, Nerolidole, Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene 

Intended for the treatment of 

Sleep problems, Anxiety, Loss of appetite

General Impression 

A potent strain recommended for those with previous experience in medical cannabis of similar potency. A very soothing and drowsy effect, stimulates appetite, tiring, relieves sleep problems.

No. 3 : P.K - Persian Kush - Indica 21.5%

Powerful Indica dominant strain of the kush strain group that evolved from a number of offspring that grew naturally in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and were developed in the 1970's in the United States and Europe. One of the descendents born out of Afghan origin genetics is the Persian kush, It is also one of the origins of the OG family.

The flowers are in shades of dark purple-green and its green leaves are decorated with light orange trichomes.

Delicate citrus-herbal aroma, and pine.

A Citrusy, spicy, sweet taste with reminiscent of a ripe orange or red grapefruit.

Terpenes: Pinene, Dcemene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Humulene

Intended for the treatment of

Chronic Pain, Sleep Problems, Cancer Treatment Symptoms, Anxiety

General Impression

Analgesic effect, stimulates appetite, causes drowsiness, relieves tension, anesthesia, a powerful strain with a particular powerful psychoactive effect and is intended for the experienced users.

No. 2 : Wedding Cake - Hybrid 20%

This strain is native to the US and has dominant African genetics. It was developed By "Seed Junky Genetics" in California.

Created from the genetics hybridization of "Cherry Pie" which is a delicious hybrid, made of "Granddaddy Purple" with "Durban Poison", along with "GSC" which is also a product of the combination of "Durban Poison" with "OG Kush" AkA "Birthday Cake" or Triangle Mints.

The flowers are covered with stamens in light-dark green-purple-bluish colors and a few trichomes in mustard yellow color.

Prominent cheesy earthy aroma with citrus notes and pungent aromas of pine.

The taste is mostly earthy and cheesy acidity with a sweet finish reminiscent of creamy vanilla.

Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinollene, Caryophyllene,  pinene

Intended for the Treatment of

Pain Relief, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, fibromyalgia

General Impression 

An interesting hybrid, soothing and improving mood, facilitates creativity, relieves pain

Suitable For experienced and new users rises quickly and holds for a long time. As the hours go by fatigue increases, causes drowsiness and eventually put you to sleep.

No. 1 : Jean Guy - Sativa 22.7%

Sativa dominant strain, was created as a result of amelioration of the "White Widow" strain 

It comes from the Canadian corporation Supreme Cannabis and has grown in glass greenhouses.

The inflorescence has dark green calyx leaves that cover hard flowers in an olive hue and are covered with golden trichomes.

Earthy aroma with citrus-lemon notes.

The taste of sour and cypress wood with citrus notes of orange or lemon, light.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, Terpinolene

Intended for the treatment of

Oncological complications, fibromyalgia, Analgesic

General Impression 

Analgesic, stimulant, increases appetite, energetic, increased mental activity that can cause contusion and even anxiety for new patients.

In Conclusion

It can be seen that the variety of medical cannabis in the world is increasing in 2021 and as the time is passing by, cultivation and breeding farms around the world are combining and creating new medical strains with different health benefits and effects.

In the next article we will review the recommence medical cannabis strains for 2022

Good health wishes to all our readers and to all medical cannabis patients among.

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