Wellbeing Digital Sciences' Integrated Approach Aims To Capture Emerging Mental Health Tech And Psychedelics Market

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The rebranding of Ketamine One to Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. KONEF (“Wellbeing”) in January reportedly reflects the evidence-based healthcare company’s three-pronged approach to mental health treatment. 

Wellbeing sees potential for the better integration of psychedelic therapy, clinical trials, wearable technology and other treatment options. It is working toward a better understanding of how they might interact with each other. The company believes it can help unlock the full potential of each one.

Wellbeing is focusing on three verticals: clinical treatments, contract research and health technology.

Ketamine Clinics In The U.S. And Canada

Wellbeing currently has numerous clinics across the United States and Canada and plans to add more soon. The patient-facing side of the business offers the latest evidence-based, ketamine-assisted therapies along with other cutting-edge treatments for various mental health conditions. 

Many of the clinics apply a ketamine-first approach because a therapeutic session with the drug takes just two hours while treatments involving other psychedelics, like MDMA or psilocybin, can take eight hours or more. This can make ketamine easier and more convenient to fit into a patient’s schedule. 

Contract Research Organization

The company doesn’t just focus on treating patients with existing therapeutics. It’s also focused on pushing the field of psychedelic therapy and digital therapeutics further through its full-service contract research organization (“CRO”) named KGK Science Inc. (“KGK”). 

Launched in 1997, KGK has conducted more than 350 clinical trials and published over 150 medical and scientific articles based on its original research. 

With its own clinical facilities at the ready, Wellbeing is one of a smaller group of mental healthcare companies that can run its own internal research projects. The CRO’s projects for its clients put it in the position of being able to forge partnerships with other players in the space to develop integrated treatment options.

As an example of how Wellbeing leverages that unique position, it partnered with Nova Mentis Life Sciences Corp. NMLSF in January to help the biotech company develop a portfolio of psilocybin-based therapeutics and diagnostics for neuroinflammatory disorders like Fragile X Syndrome. Wellbeing and Nova plan to work together from clinical trials to commercialization to bring the new treatment and diagnostics to market.

Health Technology

Wellbeing is forming strategic partnerships to explore new integrations of wearable technology and the potential of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in diagnostics and other areas of mental healthcare.

In November, it announced a partnership with iHealthOX to develop a virtual mental healthcare platform that could increase accessibility and service offerings for Wellbeing’s patients. Users benefit from live coaching sessions, one-on-one therapy, 24/7 emergency support, and other digital tools and services to enhance their therapeutic experience.

In December, Wellbeing announced a partnership with Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. CGNSF to adapt Cognetivity’s existing Integrated Cognitive Assessment (“ICA”) for use in assessing depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”).

The ICA uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect early signs of dementia and cognitive impairment. Wellbeing is working to deploy the tool in its clinics to enable long-term monitoring of patients’ cognitive performance and offer patients access to remote, self-administered assessments. 

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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