Are Psychedelics the New Weed Stocks?

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It may be hard to imagine LSD and ketamines openly traded on the stock exchange and readily available by prescription, but the same could have been said about cannabis stocks just 20 years ago. The argument that a medicinal psychedelic ETF in 2021 is treading the same path as a cannabis ETF did 2 decades ago is encouraging investors to give psychedelic stocks a second look. 

Psychedelic stocks may be weed stocks' younger sibling

The parallels between the growth of the medical cannabis market and that of psychedelics are hard to ignore. Both were once dismissed as the preserve of druggies and dropouts, but in the past 20 years, new research revealed their respective abilities to treat conditions that traditional pharmaceuticals cannot reach. 

The efficacy of psychedelics in treating anxiety,1 addiction,2 depression,3 PTSD,4 and OCD5 has been proven in a number of studies, at a time when the stigma surrounding mental health conditions is falling away; COVID-19 fueled an approximately fourfold rise in depression and anxiety in the US and doubled the rates in the UK6; and frustration is growing at the limitations of current medication for mental health disorders. Similarly, medical cannabis has been shown to successfully treat epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and chronic pain, while the opioid crisis laid bare the paucity of pain relief options.7

In both cases, although there is hope for the eventual legalization of recreational cannabis and psychedelics use, the primary driver for the market is medical purposes.8

Psychedelics are two steps behind medical cannabis

Psychedelics stocks are treading the same path as medical weed stocks. Medical cannabis companies mostly began trading in Canada rather than in the US, and moved from smaller exchanges like the TSX to larger ones like the CSE. 

Psychedelics stocks are following suit, with most publicly listed companies trading on the TSX, some on the new NEO exchange, and a handful listing on the CSE. So far 5 psychedelics companies, including MindMed, Compass Pathways, and ATAI Life Sciences, have jumped to the NASDAQ, and Cybin is trading on NYSE American.9

Some movers and shakers of the cannabis industry, like Bruce Linton, founder of cannabis enterprise Canopy Growth, have also been among the first to get involved in the psychedelics industry.

Medical cannabis led the way

As the first previously banned drug to be legalized, medical cannabis is a trailblazer. It's currently legalized for medical purposes in 37 states plus Washington, D.C.,10 as well as in over a dozen countries,11 and there are hopes that the Biden administration will legalize medical marijuana at a federal level.12

As the legal climate changed, so did public opinion, and together they helped unstopper funding for cannabis stocks. The market shows no signs of faltering: 2021 brought 212 deals so far in the marijuana sector, compared with 53 by the same point in 2020.13 It's anticipated that the global legal cannabis market will reach $92.5 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.3%,14 while legal sales of cannabis in the US grew 71% to $18.3 billion in 2020.15

Meanwhile, a solid cannabis infrastructure has been under construction. Companies have been merging and forming partnerships to deliver sustainable, high quality weed production; a reliable supply chain; new delivery methods; standardized dosing; and a framework of clinics and dispensaries for consumers to access medical marijuana. 

The unfolding story of psychedelics has a familiar ring 

Psychedelics are a different kind of pharma stock, so it helps that cannabis stocks already educated the public about them. Investors may still be nervous about placing money in stocks that require regulatory approval, but the success of the weed market removes some level of anxiety. 

The wave of research, R&D investment, and patent applications for psychedelics stocks is also reminiscent of the early days of weed stocks. The number of trials into psychedelic substances jumped from 3 in 2015 to 17 in 2020 and 12 so far in 2021. 

(Source as of 01/27/2021:

Psychedelics stocks are investing heavily in R&D to develop new treatments, explore dosage, and verify the results and side effects of psychedelics-based treatment, which in turn is furthering market growth.16 Data Bridge Market Research forecasts that the market will increase from $2.8 million in 2020 to around $7.5 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 13.3%.17

Medical cannabis also set the stage for the legalization of psychedelics. At this point, only Oregon has legalized psilocybin for therapeutic use18 and isolated cities have decriminalized it.19 However, there is legislation on the books to legalize psychedelics in California20 and fund research into their use in Texas21; it's anticipated that Michigan will soon legalize psilocybin22; and Canada is swiftly approaching full acceptance of psychedelics for medical purposes.23

Perhaps because the public has been primed by the rise of medical marijuana, general support is ramping up fast. In the US, while 42% of people say they would meet a therapist to address their mental health, 24% would consider using psychedelic-assisted therapies.24 55% of the population of the UK supports legalizing and opening up access to psychedelics,25 and in Ireland, 55% of people would take them if recommended by their doctor.26

Meanwhile, psychedelics companies are building a nascent infrastructure that echoes that for medical marijuana. Numinus recently added a second fully-licensed research lab to expand the testing and R&D services it provides to companies developing psychedelic-assisted therapeutics.27 Medical-grade mushroom production business Red Light Holland and medical cannabis company Creso Pharma formed a partnership to expand the production, marketing, and sale of both medical cannabis and pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics in America, Canada, and Europe.28 

On the treatment end, Numinus is also increasing its network of community clinics in Canada to deliver psychedelic-based treatments29; Compass Pathways is preparing to set up 3,800 psychedelic treatment centers across Europe and the US30; and Field Trip Health plans to expand from 6 ketamine-assisted therapy centers to 75 by 2024.31

Psychedelics stocks are learning the right lessons from medical marijuana

The relatively smooth growth of the market for psychedelics-based medical treatments may owe a lot to medical cannabis trailblazers. For investors who already bought shares in medical cannabis stocks or a weed ETF, a medicinal psychedelics ETF could be a way to broaden your portfolio within a similar market, while helping mitigate your exposure to risk by spreading your investment across a number of leading psychedelics stocks. 

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