Tumblr Has Launched A Dedicated Cannabis Blog, And It's Awesome

Tumblr and Civilized Worldwide Inc. have gone live with the cannabis.tumblr.com blog, positioned as the new home of cannabis, hemp and CBD on Tumblr.

In addition, Tumblr will welcome legal category advertisers, bringing U.S. consumers and brands together via engaging, educational and beautiful content.

Benzinga’s articles can also be found on the Tumblr blog.            

“This is a fast-paced, ever-changing, often-complicated industry that remains rife with stigma, misunderstanding and mixed messages. The current social media environment of restricted avenues to share smart, informative content perpetuates this,” said Terri MacDonald Riedle, CEO and co-founder of Civilized.

“I can’t think of another industry more in need of avenues to share and engage with curious consumers. We are so excited about our partnership with Tumblr and the trust they’ve placed in us at Civilized as their exclusive cannabis content partner; but mostly, I’m so proud to be aligned with an organization willing to demonstrate this type of industry-first leadership.”

Tricia Vanderslice, president and chief commercial officer of Civilized also pointed out how online communities are critical cornerstones in any strategic marketer’s arsenal.

“Yet, this amazing plant-based industry has been virtually denied access to leveraging social media best practices despite being an over twenty billion dollar global,” Vanderslice added. “In order for brands, products, causes and industries alike to overcome barriers to entry they first need to be a welcomed part of the conversation. Tumblr and Civilized represent content first platforms that together saw an opportunity to provide the legal cannabis and hemp communities with a channel on which they are welcome as a step toward ending this social media prohibition cycle.”

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