CBD-Infused Yerba Mate Maker Milonga To Launch K-Cups, Nespresso Pods

Miami-based company Milonga Mate, maker of CBD-infused organic yerba mate, is launching a new product following the success of its initial offering, the first batch of which sold out in just two weeks.

Milonga Mate will soon be sold not only in loose-leaf format, but also in capsules compatible with Keurig machines, or K-cups. Each capsule contains organic yerba mate that has been infused with 20 mg of water-soluble CBD.

“Milonga Yerba Mate combines the best of two worlds that have been giving humans health-related benefits for several centuries. We felt that our consumers loved the loose leaf version because it can be put inside of the mate gourd and drank the traditional way; but we felt that the American, non-‘matero’ community was being left out,” co-founder Shadi Atassi told Benzinga.

Photo: drinking mate in the traditional way.

And he had a point. Traditional mate is not as easy to prepare as tea; it requires specific accessories, including a special kind of metal straw. However, “mate cocido” looks exactly like tea, or any other infusion.

“We thought these capsules can be the perfect bridge to have everyone enjoy the benefits of Milonga, regardless of how they drink it,” Atassi continued. “Today we have them available for Keurig machines (K-cups), but in a couple of weeks we will be launching a version of the capsules that’s compatible with Nespresso machines as well. It will contain the same amount of CBD, 20 mg per capsule.” 

According to Atassi and his father, also a co-founder of the company, Milonga a sor of “mellow alertness.” Yerba mate helps boost mental focus, while CBD can help address problems such as dealing with anxiety or stress-related issues, the duo explained.

It’s similar to green tea, but with even greater benefits, they added. Mate is a hypocholesterolemic, hepaprotective, central nervous system stimulant and diuretic. Furthermore, it has 90% more antioxidants than green tea.

Yerba mate also contains seven out of the nine essential amino acids, may protect the heart and immune system and helps in managing obesity and other weight-related problems.

La historia complete de Milonga Yerba Mate en Español en El Planteo.


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