New Cannabis Products: Lost Farm Chews, Bella Thorne's New Strains, And An Oral Spray

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections’ Chews 

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections launched Chews. This is the second product in the growing Lost Farm brand portfolio, and follows the 2020 launch of Lost Farm Gummies - Kiva’s most successful product launch to date.

Lost Farm Chews feature strain-specific, 100% live resin and contains 10mg of THC per serving.

 “Out of the many product innovations Kiva released in the last ten years, I’m particularly proud of Lost Farm. It provides a singular, unrivaled cannabis experience. While live resin is revered by concentrate fans, it’s a novel experience for edibles consumers,” Kiva CEO and co-Founder Scott Palmer told Benzinga. “Lost Farm combines the best of both worlds: the rich tastes and complex effects of live resin, and the robust, extended impact of edibles. Seeing the success of Lost Farm Gummies, it’s clear that there is a large consumer appetite for high-quality, higher-dose edibles for the more seasoned cannabis user. We’re thrilled to further that conversation and expand the brand with the launch of Lost Farm Chews, which is simply the latest stop on our journey exploring live resin- and certainly not the last.”

New Forbidden Flower Strains

Glass House Farms and actress Bella Thorne released three new strains of their collaborative Forbidden Flowers brand: Moonbloom Indica, Passion Project Hybrid, and Bright Eye Sativa.

The new strains are available for purchase at all Glass House retail locations.

Graham Farrar, president and chief cannabis officer of Glass House Group told Benzinga that “Bella handpicked each strain for its specific properties and effects that connect mind, body, and spirit. These new strains bring a whole new realm of experience to our customers."

InBOLD’s Daily Balance Oral Spray

InBOLD Inc., a women-led CBD health science start-up, launched the Daily Balance Oral Spray.

This proprietary oral spray formula took almost two years to develop. A blend of Nano CBD (hemp extract), Suntheanine ( l-theanine), and other natural therapeutic ingredients work synergistically to promote calm, focus, and clarity. The Lassen Labs team partnered with Taiyo Internationals Suntheanine, whose clinically researched l-theanine is backed by more than 40 U.S. and international patents

Lassen Labs Daily Balance Oral Spray contains 500mg of CBD and 1500mg of Suntheanine. The pharmaceutical packaging ensures accurate dosing.

“Look at any CBD section at a supermarket and you will find a lot of the same. The market is saturated with CBD tinctures. At Lassen Labs we didn’t want to come out with another CBD oil like everybody else. It's messy, hard to get accurate dosing, and often leaves a weed aftertaste and oily residue in your mouth. Our mission was to redefine the way CBD oil is delivered and to develop a CBD supply chain with pharmaceutical standards. We spent over two years in the lab developing our Nano CBD daily balance oral spray. Our oral spray therapeutic is supported by user trials, delivers accurate dosing, tastes great, and is easy to use,” Kenda Hansen CMO at InBOLD Inc., told Benzinga.

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