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Sensi Brands' Station House Pre-Rolls Now Available In Nova Scotia

January 25, 2021 12:47 pm
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Sensi Brands' Station House Pre-Rolls Now Available In Nova Scotia

Sensi Brands Inc. is expanding to Nova Scotia.

The Aurora, Ontario-based cannabis company has teamed up with Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. (NSLC) to provide customers with Station House products.

Sensi confirmed Monday it has completed its first purchase order with NSLC.

The move comes just a couple of months following the launch of the Station House pre-rolls into Ontario-based stores and the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The brand is poised to launch in Nova Scotia with its six and 12 pre-roll multi-packs of high-THC cannabis.

The pre-rolls are consisted form a single-strain whole flower. In addition, multi-packs will include two strains.

The Station House offering includes Amnesia Haze, an 18% to 22% THC sativa strain, and OG Kush, an 18% to 22% THC indica strain.

Besides its core SKUs, Station House’s portfolio also features Blue Dream, another sativa strain with constant potency in the range of 18-22% of THC.

Sensi Brands CEO Tony Giorgi touted Nova Scotia as a “priority market” in “both size and spend.”

“Our goal remains focused on winning over experienced, value seeking consumers with functional product design and large-format configurations that deliver high-quality cannabis at practical price points for the end user,” Giorgi said.


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