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MedC Biopharma Corporation Launches $3M Private Placement Offering

December 4, 2020 1:52 pm
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MedC Biopharma Corporation Launches $3M Private Placement Offering

Skin oncology medication manufacturer MedC Biopharma Corp. is launching its $3 million private placement offering.

The company known for various products with cannabinoid and other natural ingredients launched the private placement via the DealSquare platform, which is supported by NEO and DealMaker technology.

DealSquare is an automated platform that enables capital raisers to release their private placement offers, and investors to electronically enter a deal. NEO is a group of fintech companies that offer capital markets infrastructure, and DealMaker grants the back-office technology and electronic signature services.

This capital raise is the first one via combined service offerings of DealMaker and DealSquare. MedC Biopharma has created two drugs facing clinical trials targeting Skin T-cell Lymphoma and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, both of which are considered orphan conditions.

“The launch of our private offering leveraging the joint service capabilities of these reputable platforms marks a significant step towards MedC taking its place amongst industry leaders that are determined to legitimize and deliver the health benefits of cannabinoids to the global community,” stated Dr. Owen Van Cauwenberghe, President of MedC.

“Our tireless efforts and commitment to substantiated medical and health claims for these products will ensure that their benefits will be available to all those in need. We are fortunate to be able to take advantage of the combined DealSquare, NEO, and DealMaker offering.”

The company noted it plans to use the raised capital to support its international expansion, first across Australia and Canada, and later to reach Europe, UK, Latin America, and Asia.

Furthermore, MedC Biopharma will also broaden its portfolio of products.

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