New Cannabis Products: A Hemp Spirit, A New Jane West Collab, CBD From Citrus Peels

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products.


Hemp-infused non-alcoholic spirit brand Aplós launched this week, offering a functional alternative to the adult drinking experience.

Founded by David Fudge and Jessica Manley, and developed in collaboration with Master Mixologist Lynnette Marrero, Aplós can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail.  Each serving contains 20mg of organically-grown, ethically-sourced broad-spectrum hemp, to offer a calming, uplifting effect. Through a nano-emulsification process, there is a faster, more efficient absorption of the active cannabinoids so that you will feel the effects sooner, and the duration is shorter- without the next-day hangover.

"Our vision with Aplós is to reimagine the adult beverage occasion with plant-based spirits that provide the sensory experience, the ritual, and the functional benefit we crave in having a cocktail, without the negative side effects that come with alcohol," said co-founder and CEO David Fudge. "It’s a product that we very much wanted ourselves—a functional alcohol alternative that provides all the good without the bad."

Cannabox x Jane West

Cannabox is collaborating with Jane West on a couple hand pipes paying tribute to the sun and the moon. The line was inspired by the  lunar eclipse taking place at the end of November.

“I am honored by the early days of my career when women from all walks of life were reaching out to me to ask how to enter the cannabis industry," West says. "I take that responsibility seriously and I am excited about our partnership with Cannabox, who has a reputation of delivering high-quality experiences to those exploring cannabis. Designing these sleek, sun and moon-inspired hand pipes proved to be illuminating for our team and we hope inspires the Cannabox subscribers.”


Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters launched CBxShield, a product made to provide a hemp and cannabis-free alternative to CBD.

CBxShield is a type of CBD derived from limonene (CBx) through a process that harnesses the potential of citrus peels, a waste product, to create a compound that is  molecularly identical to hemp and cannabis-derived CBD. CBxShield combines limonene derived CBD, reishi mushrooms — a rare mushroom that grows at the bases of deciduous trees, and Vitamin C, to provide enhanced antioxidant and immune system benefits.

CBxShield’s first official product, now available for preorder and launching worldwide on Dec. 11, will be CBxImmune ($54.99). Available in capsules, CBxImmune is a proprietary blend of limonene-delivered CBD and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms to provide a synergistic boost to the many benefits indiuvally provided.

"CBxShield is the brainchild of two patients, myself with a life-threatening autoimmune disease and George with a physically debilitating injury.  Independent of each other and without knowing each other, we began our journey to wellness using CBD,” said De La Rosa. “However, both of us were unhappy with CBD from Hemp and Cannabis, which would often swing wildly between effective and ineffective. We searched for a more stable equivalent, and that is how we came to limonene-derived CBD."

De La Rosa and Wolters were inspired to use this holistic medicine to create products "that could protect" people like them.

"CBxImmune is our first product out of the gate combining CBD, Reishi mushroom, and Vitamin C to create a powerful complementary medicine," she added. "We are excited to bring this to the world — and we mean the world.  Our CBD allows for the largest group of people across states, countries, and continents to finally have legal access to products created with CBD and other holistic medicines and vitamins.”

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