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Green Rush Podcast: Fotmer CEO On Uruguay, A Sleeping Giant In The International Cannabis Space

October 22, 2020 10:51 am
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Dr. Jordan Lewis, founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of Fotmer Life Sciences is this week’s special guest on The Green Rush. A global cannabis cultivator and extractor, Fotmer is one of the world’s largest cannabis exporters. Fotmer was the first fully-licensed company in Uruguay to produce top pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flower, pharmaceutical ingredients, cannabis extracts and manufactured products for the international market.  With low-cost cultivation capabilities, an established international transportation infrastructure that supports a continuous supply cycle, efficient economies of scale and the largest license to cultivate medical cannabis in Latin America, Fotmer has quickly become one of the world’s largest exporters of medical-grade cannabis to Europe, APAC and Israel.

Our hosts Anne and Nick chat with Jordan about the Company’s Uruguayan operations, the overall growth of the Latin American cannabis market and how low-cost, high-THC producers like Fotmer are positioned to shape emerging markets in Europe, Israel and Australia. Our hosts also chat with Jordan about how the company has maintained operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fotmer’s Series C raise and Jordan’s predictions for the future of international cannabis.

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With countries like Colombia and Uruguay rapidly ramp up their cannabis cultivation capabilities, Jordan’s insights provide a solid look into the current state of the region and what investors should be monitoring as they explore investment opportunities.

So don’t sit back, lean forward! 

Dr. Jordan Lewis serves as the Executive Chairman and CEO of Fotmer Life Sciences, a global cannabis cultivator and one of the world’s largest exporters of medical-grade cannabis. Under Dr. Lewis’ leadership, Fotmer has delivered over three metric tons of medical cannabis flower from its Uruguayan facilities to Europe, APAC and Israel over the last twelve months and has played a critical role energizing and advancing the international cannabis supply chain. Dr. Lewis has over a decade of experience in the industry covering the full supply chain including agronomy, greenhouse operations, pharmacology, and retail operations management. Prior to establishing Fotmer, Dr. Lewis founded Silverpeak in 2009, a medical cannabis growing operation and dispensary based in Aspen, Colorado. Silverpeak continues to be widely recognized for its industry leading cultivation, manufacturing and retail operations.

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