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What To Know About Colorado's CO2 Exchange Program Between Cannabis And Brewing Industries

February 4, 2020 3:27 pm
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What To Know About Colorado's CO2 Exchange Program Between Cannabis And Brewing Industries

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis unveiled a new pilot program with the state, Earthly Labs, Denver Beer Co. and The Clinic, aimed at reducing greenhouse gases through the use of local, recycled carbon dioxide. The program seems to be the first of its kind.

How It Works

CO2 produced in the fermentation process at Denver Beer Co. will be captured by innovative tech from Earthly Labs; then stored in tanks and released in the cannabis grow operation at The Clinic to create stronger, healthier plants.

It's estimated that 100,000 to 150,000 pounds of CO2 will be recycled in one year. This is enough to save an estimated 1,500 trees based on emission reduction.

The amount of CO2 captured at Denver Beer Co. is enough to serve all of The Clinic’s cannabis cultivation needs. Without this program, The Clinic would be using manufactured carbon dioxide shipped across the country on a truck, which has a much larger carbon footprint. This two-minute video outlines the program and process.

“Building sustainable business practices has always been a top priority at The Clinic, and we are proud to be part of such an innovative program,” said Brian Cusworth, director of operations for The Clinic, a cannabis cultivator and dispensary chain. “We know the country is watching Colorado to see how cultivators of legal marijuana address their environmental responsibilities to their customers, the community and the planet.”

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