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Respira Technologies Closes $2.25M Seed Funding Round

Respira Technologies Closes $2.25M Seed Funding Round

Respira Technologies, a platform biotechnology company offering a “no heat” pod-based inhalation system for nicotine, THC or CBD -- WAVE --announced last week it had closed a $2.25 million seed-funding round led by Evolution Venture Partners and Poseidon Asset Management.

The company says its WAVE system is the only vaping device in the world that requires no heating elements to successfully aerosolize the liquid suspension and, therefore, produces zero carcinogens. The team says it’s also working on facilitating the inhalation of a broad range of pharmaceuticals.

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“When it comes to product safety, it's actually about materials and methods," founder and CEO Mario Danek told Benzinga. "Everyone is constantly talking about materials, such as the Vitamin E acetate additives found in illicit vapes... but nobody is talking methods.”

He added, “when it comes to establishing product safety standards, the method of delivery matters just as much as quality and control procedures. It is an inescapable fact that the interaction between heating elements and the e-liquid in these vapes creates toxic byproducts which are then unwittingly inhaled by consumers, resulting in potential harm from inhalation exposure.”

Respira’s patent-pending technology suite and ongoing efforts seek to eliminate consumer and public exposure to all known harmful and potentially harmful substances, like nicotine and tobacco.

The system utilizes proprietary ultrasonic oscillation and energy transfer, along with other undisclosed features, for a practical, safe, enjoyable plume, of aerosol or “vapor.” The e-liquid cartridges are filled with biomedical-grade formulas that undergo Liposomal nanoemulsion techniques for optimal drug delivery, deposition and diffusion.

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