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A Chat With The Husband And Wife Duo Behind CBD Brand Greater Goods

November 1, 2019 1:30 pm
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A Chat With The Husband And Wife Duo Behind CBD Brand Greater Goods

By Javier Hasse and Natan Ponieman.

Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake are a husband-and-wife duo that co-funded the recently launched CBD brand Greater Goods, brainchild of the 2014-founded Leif Goods.

The brand defines itself as “innovative, creative, and defiantly optimistic” and focuses on making hand-crafted CBD products in their manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon.

At the moment, the Greater Goods produces CBD-infused chocolate and confections, but will soon add tinctures and topicals to its portfolio.

Jody Ake and Carrie Solomon. Courtesy photo.

“As a brand, we take a unique approach to the ever-crowded wellness space that is CBD. We believe that choosing personal wellness and improvement in mental, physical and emotional health can also be accompanied by joy and inspiration,” Solomon told Benzinga during a recent chat.

The duo shares years of experience in design, product development, chocolate making and cannabis extraction.

Greater Goods said they adhere strictly to using full spectrum hemp oil that's grown in the state of Oregon using organic and conscientious cultivation practices. Solomon emphasized that Greater Goods quality standards raise above the average CBD company, criticizing a general lack of transparency and educational responsibility amongst most CBD brands.

“There are so many brands and products that present themselves without transparent information or education around their ingredients, their processes and their testing results, that we often have to re-educate and re-inform the masses about what is quality CBD and what is not,” the co-founder said.

The company sells its products in eight states and is projecting to expand internationally.

They launched after completing an initial fundraising round that was possible thanks to the brand’s participation in “The Initiative,” a program focused on women-founded cannabis companies looking to raise money and expand.

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