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Cannabis In South America: Opportunity Awaits

April 25, 2019 1:16 pm
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By Philip Rebentisch, Chief Storyteller at Gotta Story.

What is old is new again. The story of hemp and traditional cannabis in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean is one of practicality, family medicine, adult-use, and unfortunately, ill-advised and unwarranted criminality. But things are quickly changing as South America is on the precipice of ushering in wide scale medicinal and adult-use cannabis. It is making a triumphant return (where it never really left) flush with positive developments and opportunity.

South America has a prospective cannabis market of over 500 million adult-use customers and 4.3 million patients, making it a core priority in cannabis companies’ global strategy. Its low-cost agricultural exports and increasing legalization support correlates to a pivotal, transcendent role within the international cannabis community.

The inaugural ExpoCannaBiz Business Conference taking place in Cartagena, Colombia, May 9-11 will help forever change the cannabis landscape in South America. Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico (and former Coca-Cola Co. president for Mexico and Latin America) will share the keynote stage along with Steve DeAngelo, the president of Arcview Group. Many cannabis professionals consider Steve as the father of the legal cannabis business, and now he’s going global. If you sense an opportunity in South America, Steve will be smiling and holding the door for you on your way in.

With more than 150 national and international exhibitors, the Expo is your first opportunity to connect your company with investors and hundreds of businesses at the forefront of this emerging marketplace.

Please feel free to share this link with your network and help spread the word.

Get your discounted tickets at www.expocannabiz.com using the code javierhasse20.


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