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Trade The Swiss Monetary Policy Interest Rate Statement News


The Swiss National Bank will release the Monetary Policy Assessment, also known as the Interest Rate Statement, along with the Libor 3-month interest Rate. Both impact currency valuation and are used as indicators to determine rates for the future.

The news comes out on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 4:30 AM ET.

This news can move the market and then the market tends to pull back. It was found that an Iron Condor, going for a $35 or more profit potential, is a high probability trade based on 12 - 24 past reports and market reaction. An Iron Condor is a strategy to collect premium by buying a spread below the market and selling a spread above the market.

One can buy a lower Nadex USD/CHF spread with the ceiling where the market is trading at the time, and sell an upper Nadex USD/CHF spread with the floor where the market is trading at the time. Each spread should have a profit potential of approximately $17 or more for a combined potential of at least $35.

One can enter the trade as early as 11:00 PM ET, Wednesday, the night before. 

Ultimate max profit will be the market being in the middle between the two spreads at expiration.

Depending on the exact trade entries, the market can move 35 pips up or down and the trade will be breakeven.

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