Michigan Cannabis Operation MindRight Hosts Grand Opening, Eyes Purpose Over Profit

Michigan Cannabis Operation MindRight Hosts Grand Opening, Eyes Purpose Over Profit

“This is not a job,” Joe Brennan, partner at newly launched MindRight, said to a group in front of the 17,500-square-foot vertically integrated cannabis facility in New Baltimore, Michigan.

“I’m a cannabis operator to the core, and this is my passion.”

Why It Matters: Brennan, alongside partners Josip Capelj, and Naseem Gulli, caught up with Benzinga for an exclusive take on MindRight's launch. Capelj is a relative of this story’s author who has previously reported on MindRight’s intent to launch.

Situated five minutes east of the I-94 and 23 Mile Road interchange, toward Lake St. Clair, the Michigan company is the product of efforts to democratize large-scale retail access to craft cannabis.

Graphic: Retrieved from Brad Vranish of Lake State Media.

Brennan, a former U.S. Marine and among the partners spearheading the effort, became a big believer in cannabis as medicine after seeing how it helped friends dealing with PTSD.

He explained that much of the stigma could be traced back to the poor initiative to innovate and go to market with quality products.

“We’re changing that,” Capelj jumped in, explaining that “the team has been working on this idea for years, now,” and ultimately, their efforts will help “turn the tide, allowing the cannabis industry to be a financial contributor, as opposed to a burden.”

Differentiator: A core focus for the MindRight team is purpose over profit and the destigmatization of cannabis in all aspects via quality products and services.

“What differentiates us, from the rest, is the education and customer experience we provide,” said Gulli. Being a local- and veteran-owned cannabis shop, MindRight intends to “be active in the community through Lion’s Club, veteran charities, and other social programs.”

Going Forward: The team foresees the federal legalization of cannabis.

Given this, they’re positioning themselves as a first-mover who is ready to scale and meet the demands of more consumers once all parts of their vertically integrated facility are operational.

“While our business plan defines our financial goals, our primary focus is bringing our vast knowledge, resources, and accessibility to our customers, and the community,” said Gulli.

“If we can execute our core principles successfully, we believe profits will follow.”

Photos courtesy of Brad Vranish, founder at Lake State Media. Contact Vranish at lakestatephoto@gmail.com.

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