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Stop the Insanity in Cuba


Originally published on Fox Business.

Imagine doing something for more than 50 years straight -- day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade -- and constantly hoping that somehow you would get a different result. Our Cuban policy is the perfect definition of insanity -- doing the same thing time after time but somehow expecting different results.

What is it about Cuba that makes it impossible for us to make decent decisions? It's a swing vote in a swing state (Florida), so we make decisions we know are wrong, simply for political reasons.

For instance, wasn't the talk that Gitmo was going to be closed? Now, we're building a sports academy there.

Instead of the closing this administration talked about we are actually expanding the prison, and recently it was announced that a $750,000 soccer pitch was built for the inmates. Are Messi and Ronaldo also going to be paid to do a clinic?

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