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These Awesome Charts Highlight Just How Diversified (or Homogeneous) Some Nations' Exports Are

These Awesome Charts Highlight Just How Diversified or Homogeneous Some Nations' Exports Are

Ever wondered what the leading exports of Antarctica or North Korea or the Solomon Islands are? Well you've come to the right place.

Courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons and the Observatory of Economic Complexity, Benzinga has compiled an array of export tree maps from countries and regions around the globe, displaying each nation's exports in simple color-coded charts. Each square represents the proportion of each product category in terms of U.S. dollars.

While many developing or industrialized nations displayed large degrees of diversity in their sets of exports, there were still many nations that almost entirely committed themselves to the production of one product.

The charts are interesting, colorful and offer a brief and educational glimpse into how the global economy operates. The data is from 2009 and 2010.

  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan exports
    Besides grapes, nuts and cotton, Afghanistan manufactures radars and radios. Click to Enlarge.
  • Algeria

    Algeria's economy is dominated by oil. Click to Enlarge.
  • Antarctica

    Believe it or not, Antarctica is exporter of a wide variety of items despite a low volume. Click to Enlarge.
  • Australia

    Australia's exports are primarily in the energy sector, with gold, medicines and metals next. Click to Enlarge.
  • Austria

    Highly diversified, Austria makes everything from motor vehicle parts to surgery equipment. Click to Enlarge.
  • The Bahamas

    Plastics and ship-making round out the Bahamas' petroleum-dominated economy. Click to Enlarge.
  • Bangladesh

    Bangladesh's exports are almost completely apparel-related. Click to Enlarge.
  • Belarus

    Metals, minerals and oil are Belarus' chief exports. Appliances, meats and dairy are up there, too. Click to Enlarge.
  • Benin

    Lumber, nuts and cotton. Click to Enlarge.
  • Bermuda

    The production of yachts and cruise ships dominated Bermuda's economy. Click to Enlarge.
  • Brazil

    Brazil's exports are diversified, but still primarily agrarian. Cars, aircraft, metals and chemicals make up relatively small portions. Click to Enlarge.
  • Bulgaria

    Bulgaria's diversified array of exports includes oil, metals, appliances, apparel, what and pharmaceuticals. Click to Enlarge.
  • Burkina Faso

    Over 80 percent of the African nation's economy revolves around cotton and gold. Click to Enlarge.
  • Cambodia

    Stamps and apparel appear to dominate Cambodia's limited variety of exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Canada

    Wheat, metals and lumber make up the bulk of Canada's exports after oil and cars. Click to Enlarge.
  • Chile

    Copper and gold make up half of Chile's exports. Wine, grapes and chemicals follow. Click to Enlarge.
  • China

    After electronics and apparel, plastics, metals and furniture head up China's top exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Colombia

    Colombia is known for its coffee, but oil is actually its top export. A mildly diverse array of exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Congo

    Metals like copper, cobalt and gold make up almost all of the Congo's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Croatia

    Heavily diversified, Croatia's exports hinge on electronics, cruise ships, pharmaceuticals, oil, plastic and lumber. Click to Enlarge.
  • Cuba

    The island, still embargoed by the U.S., exports sugar and cigars, as well as nickel and pharmaceuticals. Click to Enlarge.
  • Czech Republic

    Electronics and automobiles make up more than half of the Czech Republic's exports. More than 1 percent of the nation's exports consist of materials, toys, seats or electricity. Click to Enlarge.
  • Egypt

    Oil, copper, gold and minerals make up the base of Egypt's exports. Apparel, citrus fruits, toilet paper and fiber optic cables follow. Click to Enlarge.
  • Ethiopia

    Ethiopia's economy is highly agrarian, dominated by coffee, oil seeds and flowers. Gold and livestock are also significant. Click to Enlarge.
  • France

    Automobiles and pharmaceuticals make up the biggest portions of France's highly dynamic exports. Diamonds and plastics are also up there. Click to Enlarge.
  • Germany

    Electronics, cars and pharmaceuticals dominate the exports of a highly-diversified German economy. Click to Enlarge.
  • Greece

    Greece's exports depend on a variety of different industries, including tobacco, fishing, pharmaceuticals, oil, aircraft, cotton, wheat and metals. Click to Enlarge.
  • Haiti

    Apparel, and to a much lesser extent, fruits make up the bulk of Haiti's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Hong Kong

    Electronics, gold and diamonds dominate Hong Kong's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Iceland

    Iceland's top exports are fish, aluminum, aircraft and flour. Click to Enlarge.
  • India

    India's diversified exports consist primarily of jewelry, diamonds, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cotton. Click to Enlarge.
  • Indonesia

    Coal, oil and rubber are Indonesia's foremost exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Iran

    Oil dominates Iran's exports. Alcohols and plastics place a faraway second and third. Click to Enlarge.
  • Ireland

    Pharmaceuticals, electronics and medical equipment are Ireland's top exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Israel

    About three-fourths of Israel's exports consist of diamonds, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Click to Enlarge.
  • Italy

    Italy's incredibly dynamic set of exports is led by appliances, electronic, automobile parts and pharmaceuticals. Click to Enlarge.
  • Jamaica

    Corundum ore is Jamaica's top export, followed by alcohol and oils. Click to Enlarge.
  • Kazakhstan

    Oil, copper and chemicals are Kazakhstan's leading exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Kenya

    Kenya possesses a varied economy, though its exports a highly agriculture based. Its leading exports are tea, flowers and oil. Click to Enlarge.
  • Luxembourg

    The tiny European nation exports iron, tires, paper, cars and plastic. Click to Enlarge.
  • Malawi

    Malawi's exports are thoroughly dominated by tobacco, although tea and sugar have a significant presence as well. Click to Enlarge.
  • Malaysia

    Malaysia's exports are a mix of old and new, with electronics combining with hydrocarbons and oil to make up the bulk. Click to Enlarge.
  • Marshall Islands

    Besides ships and boats, the Marshall Islands are an exporter of fish. Click to Enlarge.
  • Mexico

    Mexico's exports are quite diverse, the most significant of which are cars, electronics, televisions, oil, gold and apparel. Click to Enlarge.
  • Nepal

    Legumes, fabrics, bags and juices are main exports in Nepal's economy. Click to Enlarge.
  • The Netherlands

    "Undisclosed transactions" make up more than a quarter of the Netherlands' exports, presumably finance related. Pharmaceuticals, electronics and chemicals are also significant. Click to Enlarge.
  • Nigeria

    For as large of a country as it is, Nigeria's exports are very one-dimensional. Oil makes up the bulk, with cocoa beans and leather both above one percent. Click to Enlarge.
  • North Korea

    Coal, iron, apparel and crustaceans are the top exports of the country led by Kim Jung Un. Click to Enlarge.
  • Pakistan

    Pakistan's leading exports are bed linen, rice and oil. Click to Enlarge.
  • Palestine

    Israel's neighbor is a chief exporter of penicillin, stone mosaic tiles and olive oil. Click to Enlarge.
  • The Philippines

    Integrated circuits and other electronics make up a surprisingly high amount of the Philippines exports, with bananas, coconuts and copper above one percent. Click to Enlarge.
  • Portugal

    Portugal's dynamic set of exports includes electronics, car bumpers, snowmobiles, oil and wine. Click to Enlarge.
  • Russia

    Oil accounts for more than half of Russia's exports. Natural gas, iron, copper and aluminum also account for significant proportions. Click to Enlarge.
  • Saudi Arabia

    Plastics, alcohol and natural gas play second fiddle to Saudi Arabia's main export: oil. Click to Enlarge.
  • Singapore

    Electronics, namely integrated circuits, and oil make up the majority of Singapore's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Solomon Islands

    Lumber dominates the exports of the Solomon Islands. Palm oil and fish also have a presence. Click to Enlarge.
  • Somalia

    Live animals make up the bulk of the poverty-stricken nation's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • South Africa

    South Africa's exports are very metal and electronics-intensive. Platinum, coal and iron alloys are big. Click to Enlarge.
  • South Korea

    South Korea's dynamic economy features electronics, chemicals and ships as its top exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Spain

    Snowmobiles, car bumpers, oil and pharmaceuticals make up Spain's top exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Sweden

    The Scandinavian nation's leading exports include telephone sets, oil, penicillin, car bumpers, snowmobiles and lumber. Click to Enlarge.
  • Turkey

    Turkey's exports are extremely diversified. They consist of specialized vehicles, oil, apparel, copper wire and televisions. Click to Enlarge.
  • Ukraine

    Steel, iron ore and oil make up the bulk of the Ukraine's exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • United Kingdom

    A leading exporter of antibiotics, the U.K. also ships off jet engines, specialized vehicles, oil and diamonds. Click to Enlarge.
  • United States

    The U.S. is a leading global manufacturer of cars, microcircuits, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, gold and soy, its primary exports. Click to Enlarge.
  • Venezuela

    Oil remains king in Venezuela, a common example of a nation afflicted by the "Resource Curse." Click to Enlarge.
  • Zimbabwe

    Copper is Zimbabwe's primary offering to the world. Cobalt and tobacco make up small percentages as well. Click to Enlarge.

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