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Europeans Make a Lot of Money?


Back during the Gold Rush, there was gold everywhere, and plenty of miners were ending up with it—so in a certain sense, everyone was making a lot of money. Until you factor in how in 1848 California, a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast cost $78. Most people had to mine day and night just to end up with the basic necessities.

Europe is a lot like that. Europeans make a lot of money. And they also spend a lot of money. Like $6 on a loaf of bread. And $10 on a gallon of gas.

But that has not stopped the left from claiming that Europeans are well off, and European semi-socialism has worked. They will be quick to point to GDP numbers, median incomes, and free health care services—and use all of that to conclude that Europeans have just as much or more than Americans.

Europeans only make a lot of money in a theoretical world—a world where they work in Europe and live somewhere else. You can not step into a European Wal-Mart and buy six T-shirts for $9.99. There are no Wal-Marts in Europe. We tried to open a few over there, and they somehow turned into gigantic coffee shops. Where a cup of coffee costs 15 Euros. And that is just for the coffee. You will also have to pay 3 Euros for the cup, 2 Euros for a napkin, and 20 Euros for a spoon. And 1,000 Euros for someone else's Tylenol. After all, health care is "free" over there.

That is the beauty of European semi-socialism—and Barack Obama is in the process of transitioning to it. Regardless of whether he was born in Honolulu, Kenya, or Sodom, it really does not change the fact that he is essentially a Western/Northern European who wants to reform American capitalism.

A vote for Obama is a vote for higher prices. And those high prices will hurt the poor and the middle class most—the very people that liberals are supposedly looking after. When someone spends $30,000 a year, a huge chunk of his money ultimately goes to raw goods and power. Before you vote for stage two of Obama's European semi-socialist experiment, ask yourself this: Even if Mr. $25,000 a Year pays a little less in taxes and on healthcare, can he afford to pay European prices on his basic needs? And that is assuming he will still have a job. That is not an assumption I would want to make with our current President in office. If Obama keeps his job, Mr. $25,000 might not.

Rodney Ohebsion is a writer, businessman, publisher, nutritionist, and humorist. For more of his works, go to

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