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Do Not Underestimate Obama


Obama might not be the right guy for the job when it comes to running this country—but I have to admit, he sure knows how to gain public support and win elections. Granted, his approval rating is in the 43 percent range right now—but considering the debt he has run up and the current state of the economy, I would say he has managed to pull off a Houdini-like feat. 43 percent approval is pretty remarkable considering how broke we are right now. In fact, even Houdini himself would not have been able to make illusions out of a $5 billion daily deficit and 9 percent unemployment. Obama can do more with PR and BS than Houdini could do with his magic wand. One Obama "alakazaam" can make $5 trillion in wasted money look like a map to Montezuma's buried treasure.

And I think as the election approaches, Obama's going to play a game of three-card Monte with American voters. We will start off by tracking his economic record—but by the time the polls open a few months later, we will wind up focusing on something else carefully chosen by Team Obama and backed by its $1 billion campaign budget.

Or maybe we will still be focused on Obama's economic record—only it will not be Obama's anymore. It will be Bush's, or Boehner's, or the Tea Party's. Because Obama is not exactly a "buck stops here" President. His motto is more like "Get the buck out of here!" Obama's going to take that buck, put it in a Republican's hand, and frame him of a few million economic crimes against America.

Do not underestimate Obama. Do not listen to Bill O'Reilly and a bunch of other FOX News analysts claiming that he has no chance in 2012. He has more than a chance. He would have a chance in the middle of a depression. Obama can sell dryness to a desert. I do not know what Hope and Change Version 2.0 is going to be like—but I do know that plenty of people are going to buy it. We are talking about a guy who became President even though he had hardly anything in the way of experience or notable accomplishments. That was not enough to stop him from winning the election by a comfortable margin in 08—nor was his connection to the fiercely anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Unless FOX News can connect Obama to Satan, he has a good chance of being reelected. Obama might not care about saving money, and he might not know how to save jobs—but he is going to save plenty of his 69,456,897 votes (none of which were mine) from 2008.

Also keep in mind that Barack Obama is a celebrity. If a million people will tune in to watch Vanilla Ice talk about real estate, and 20 million will watch the cast of Saved by the Bell dance the cha cha, Obama's celebrity status should be enough to get him at least 40 million votes. He is already half way to winning the election. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson can sell millions of dollars worth of shoes and jewelry, even though there are better options out there; and Barack Obama can get reelected in 2012, even though we would be better off putting a random person from the Surreal Life in office.

Voting for Obama in 2012 is like maxing out your credit cards on Kardashian and Simpson merchandise, and then sending the bill to George Bush. And plenty of people are going to do just that. Obama has a dozen alakazaams up his sleeve, and he is going to use them when the election comes around. He might even get Bill O'Reilly to vote for him.

Rodney Ohebsion is a writer, businessman, publisher, nutritionist, and humorist. For more of his works, go to


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