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Ron Paul, Clarence Thomas, Martha Stewart and Anthony Weiner Walk Into a Bar...


Just when I thought we were done with Weiner's scandalous weiner, it pokes its head back up for another round of discussion.

This time, however, the target is not the embattled former-congressman, who resigned from the House Thursday after an absurd “scandal” involving Weiner tweeting pictures of his goods to adoring fans. The word in the blogosphere today is that Weiner's scandal was a political hitjob, payback for Weiner's pursuit of corruption charges against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In the weeks before Weiner's scandal came to light, Weiner had been pressuring Clarence Thomas to release his financial records, including those that would show Thomas lied on his federal disclosure forms — a felony and probably the end of Thomas' legal career. Thomas would certainly have faced disbarment and almost certainly would have been forced to resign from the Court.

Weiner had also been pushing Thomas to disclose the large sums of money his wife, Virginia Thomas, made while working for Liberty Central, a political organization that is openly opposed to President Obama's reform agenda. According to Weiner, these political and financial dealings put Thomas' impartiality on the bench in question.

Take law professor Paul Campos' position on the scandal, which drew little interest from the American media.

“In fact Ginni Thomas was paid nearly $700,000 by the Heritage Foundation, a "conservative think tank," between 2003 and 2007, as well as an undisclosed amount by another lobbying group in 2009. Justice Thomas' false statements regarding his wife's income certainly constitute a misdemeanor, and quite probably a felony, under federal law. (They would be felonies if he were prosecuted under 18. U.S.C. 1001, which criminalizes knowingly making false statements of material fact to a federal agency. This is the law Martha Stewart was convicted of breaking by lying to investigators.)” You can read Campos' full article here.

Magically, the day after Weiner taunted Thomas to come clean, Andrew Breitbart released his information about Weiner's weiner, and the scandal-about-nothing was born.

Ironically, this is not the first time a weiner has caused trouble for Thomas. When he was facing confirmation in 1991, Thomas' past as an (alleged) sexual harasser came to light, and nearly derailed his confirmation. Thomas was alleged to have harassed Anita Hill, including making a joke about a pubic hair on a coke can to Hill, back when Hill worked for Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Senate ended up voting 52-48 to (barely) confirm Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

Maybe the Senate will take up hearings to see how Clarence Thomas has committed felonies and subverted democracy for his own personal monetary gain and begin impeachment hearings. Don't hold your breath, though. After all, there is another weiner scandal or a new season of American Idol to keep your eyes completely off the ball.


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