Apple AR/VR Headset Might Include Both 'realityOS' And 'xrOS:' Here's What We Know

Rumors have surrounded Apple Inc.'s AAPL highly-anticipated mixed reality headset, which is expected to release next year. Now it seems the tech giant is using both "realityOS" and "xrOS" names internally. 

What Happened: Apple appears to have two different AR/VR platforms — one based on iOS and the other on macOS. 

The mixed reality headset software name, "realityOS," that Apple reportedly replaced with "xrOS," might coexist internally, according to 9To5Mac. 

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According to the report, the company engineers use the "realityOS" name for the iOS-based platform and "xrOS" is used for the macOS-based platform. 

At this point, it is unclear whether the platforms have different purposes. 

It is also likely that "xrOS" could run on a new companion device made exclusively to drive Apple's headset. 

Why It's Important: Leaked mockups suggest that the AirPods Max and Apple Watch will heavily inspire the company's mixed reality headset, the report noted. 

The device is expected to feature two 8K OLED displays, advanced sensors for the environment and gesture detection. 

Apple's rival and Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. unveiled its VR headset, Quest Pro, in October

While Meta Quest Pro is priced at $1500, Apple's first device in mixed reality could cost between $1000 and $3000. The headset is also said to have the powerful M2 chip that's embedded in the latest Macs. 

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