Apple Music Support Seems To Be Finally Coming To Tesla Cars

Apple Music Support Seems To Be Finally Coming To Tesla Cars

Tesla Inc TSLA electric vehicle museum exhibit has suggested that Apple Inc. AAPL Music support could soon be introduced for its built-in infotainment system. 

What Happened: On Sunday, founder Aaron Cash posted a series of tweets, including a photograph from inside a Tesla vehicle. 

The photograph showed the Apple Music icon as part of Tesla's main interface. Another image showed a QR code – which takes users to — used to link an Apple Music account with specific devices, reported Apple Insider. 

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Cash took the photographs during an exhibit for Tesla at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The exhibit allowed visitors to sit inside Tesla vehicles and try out its features. 

According to Cash, the Model S was a demonstration vehicle, not a full-fledged one. He also said it was running modified firmware rather than a public release version. 

Apple and Tesla did not immediately respond to Benzinga's request for comments. 

Why It's Important: The exhibit might have hinted that Apple Music could be on the cards, but Tesla and Apple have issued no statements about the same. Previously, Apple Music support was teased but not added, the report noted.

In the past, Tesla has shown reluctance to adopt Apple's technology for its flagship electric vehicles. However, comments from CEO Elon Musk in May revealed a willingness to bring in key Apple features to improve the consumer experience

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