This Company Is Hard At Work Putting The Family In New, Original Kids & Family Entertainment

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Kids around the world spend countless hours watching videos on the internet each day. 

While a majority of kids younger than 8 are more inclined to television as a media choice, spending 45 minutes each day in front of the tube, an increasing number of teens prefer viewing content online through video streaming platforms such as YouTube (owned by Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, Netflix Inc. NFLX and The Walt Disney Co.’s DIS Hulu.

With an increasing number of kids viewing content online, one of the pastimes parents lament the most is the loss of co-viewing and the opportunity to unwind and experience entertainment together that the whole family can enjoy.  

Recognizing the market opportunity to bring families together, one company, Grom Social Enterprises Inc., GROM places a heavy emphasis on programming kids and parents can watch together. And with a mission to entertain every member of the family, Grom’s recently-acquired Curiosity Ink Media has set on the path of producing content for kid-targeted audiences as well as new franchise properties for the whole family.

Curiosity’s Family Entertainment Programs

On the publishing front, Curiosity has partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to produce the forthcoming graphic novel called “The Legion of Forgettable Supervillains.” The story is about a group of failed superheroes who decide to change course and try their luck as villains. Upon making this transition, the newly minted villains learn that the “good guys” aren’t very well-intentioned, so must pivot, once again, back to being superheroes. Will they succeed? 

Curiosity has plans to quickly upconvert the publishing opportunity into a recurring TV series, feature films, and, in success, consumer products. There also are global merchandising and co-branding opportunities.

“Now more than ever, the world needs to be saved, and who better for the job than The Legion of Forgettable Supervillains, a group of heroes who know a thing or two about overcoming the odds,” said Russell Hicks, Curiosity Ink Media’s chief content officer. “We’re so excited to team up with the experts at Dynamite Entertainment to bring these characters and their unique stories to life. We see great potential in taking our supervillains from page to screen to join the legion of beloved anti-heroes who dominate pop culture,” he added.

There’s more. In March, Curiosity announced it will launch an original animated sitcom, “Laugh on Lorp,” with the help of global comedian icon, Maz Jobrani. The story centers around a teenager kidnapped by aliens who mistake him for Oprah Winfrey. The plan is to bring her before their princess who intends to bring Oprah’s sunny optimism and aspirational living to the inhabitants of her planet. 

Jobrani, an Iranian-born comedian living in the U.S., has appeared on numerous television shows, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Shameless.” Hicks says the creators couldn’t think of any character that would be a better fit for the sitcom than Jobrani.

“Maz has an incredible ability to use his comedy to build cultural bridges, and we’re thrilled that he’s partnering with Curiosity to bring his humor and endless good energy to this animated sitcom,'' Hicks said.

Curiosity is also hard at work developing, an original animated musical holiday special in partnership with Toon2Tango. tells the story of how Santa’s retirement plans include fully automating the North Pole. However, when Cyber Scrooge hacks Santa’s site, he is forced to save Christmas the old fashioned way. The film embodies many of the beloved classic Christmas holiday themes, with great new North Pole-oriented characters and a bevy of fun and funny twists and turns.   

The holiday special serves as a brand companion to Grom’s e-commerce and experiential website, Curiosity’s CEO, Jared Wolfson adds, “Most iconic family specials have been around for 50 years or longer. With being a fun new holiday film for all ages, we are focused on bringing the family back together for a memorable experience they’ll look forward to every year!”

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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