How The Coronavirus Is Impacting Everyday Lives: Twitter Roundup

It’s no secret the continued spread of the coronavirus has impacted people from virtually all walks of life. While those infected and investors are taking a major hit, it has trickled down into the lives of everyday people. Life as we know it has been altered, whether in good ways or bad ways, but it's hard for some people to adjust.

More Time At Home

Due to government officials and agencies advocating for social distancing and quarantining, employees are working from and spending more time with their families.

A commonly overlooked aspect of the work-from-home shift is the adjustment to a different work environment.

Due to the stark lifestyle change, it seems as if more time at home is increasing engagement on Twitter TWTR and Instagram FB.

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Activities At A Halt

Gyms can be a hub for germs to congregate and thrive. As a result of this, fitness centers around the world are closing down. Gym goers and investors alike are flocking to at-home workouts as a solution to this. A popular company in the space is Peloton PTON.

Gyms aren’t the only place where people can no longer congregate. Most movie theaters are now closed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Not only are date nights canceled, but the industry's workers are facing unemployment.

TIme At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

The quarantine doesn't have to be boring. Some people are prepping for it by not only stockpiling on food and essentials, but with entertainment, such as Microsoft's MSFT Xbox.

Important Life Moments Missed

Some people are more vulnerable to the coronavirus than others, due to this, restrictions in place are forcing some people to miss out on important life moments. 

Companies Adapting To Changes

As a potential solution for cinemas closing, one user is suggesting Disney DIS and others set up a pay-per-view model for delayed movies.

Silver Lining

With all the extra free time going around, people are choosing to be productive and making their life better. 

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