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These Companies Have Some Of The Toughest Job Interviews

These Companies Have Some Of The Toughest Job Interviews

Job interviews are rarely fun, but some can certainly be worse than others. Last year, GlassDoor listed companies with the highest difficulty rankings for their interview process. These companies were included among the toughest interviewers based on GlassDoor users ratings.


Interview Difficulty: 4.15/5

One software engineering job candidate said the interview process consisted of a phone interview followed by a series of online tests and assessments. In addition, LifeChurch conducted two conference call interviews and then finally flew the candidate out for a weekend-long on-site interview that was described as “very challenging, but fun at the same time.”

Abalta Technologies

Interview Difficulty: 3.77/5

A software engineering job candidate said the process began with a difficult, mostly multiple-choice online test followed by an in-person, panel-style interview with two engineers that lasted a couple of hours.

The candidate was asked to design a file system algorithm. Following the panel interview, the candidate met with the CEO for an hour and described the process as “positive and reasonable.”

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Interview Difficulty: 3.7/5

One software engineering job candidate said the process started with a phone interview consisting of technical questions that were “both pretty easy.” The next step was an at-home coding problem that required about three hours of work. Finally, two weeks later, the applicant was brought in for an all-day on-site interview that consisted of a single problem that took about six hours to solve.

Venture For America

Interview Difficulty: 3.68/5

One applicant for a fellowship position said the interview process started with a 30-minute Skype interview with basic situational and behavioral questions. During the day-long selection process, candidates are first grouped together for a group interview that involves working together to solve timed puzzles and other challenges. They are then asked to rank their teammates and are grilled by the judges. Finally, during the individual interview, the tone is less combative and more personal.


Interview Difficulty: 3.57/5

A candidate for an associate position described the process as “long but the experience was very positive.” After an initial phone interview, the candidate was invited in for a series of problem solving, personality and behavioral tests, which involve an interview with an internal psychologist. Next, the applicant underwent three back-to-back interviews and was given an hour to review a test case and prepare a 15 to 20 minute presentation for two mock consultants. After lunch with another interview, the final step is two phone interviews with MDs.


Interview Difficulty: 3.56/5

One candidate for a software engineering position said the three-step interview process consisted of a brief online quiz, a one-hour coding session and then a final two-hour coding session that could be done either online or at the office. The candidate described the interview questions as “hands-on and practical, and generally not the typical whiteboarding style algorithmic brainteasers that a lot of tech companies ask.”

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Camstoll Group

Interview Difficulty: 3.54/5

One analyst applicant described the interview process as “VERY long and arduous,” consisting of three long interviews, one project assignment and one language test. While the candidate said interviewers didn’t ask any tricky questions, the project took an entire weekend of working from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to complete.

Blue Origin

Interview Difficulty: 3.51/5

Of all the companies on this list, the average duration of a Blue Origin interview process is the longest at 47.7 total days. One aerospace engineer applicant said the process consisted of an initial phone screening followed by an all-day onsite interview that includes a one-hour presentation about yourself and a series of one-on-one interviews with team members. The candidate said the process was fairly standard but it included some “very difficult technical questions.”

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