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Interested in learning more about personal finance? Find out how you can have an expert answer your questions for free. 

Brace yourselves, because tax season is coming.

That means there's one thing on all of our minds: Money. More importantly, how to manage money. 

Benzinga can't help you file taxes, but what we can do is give you some smart people to follow on Twitter for personal finance tips on saving, investing, budgeting and more:

Nicole Lapin, Former CNBC Anchor & Author of "Rich Bitch" (@NicoleLapin)

Nicole Lapin got her start by reporting straight from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor at the age of 18, and she's been rocking the financial world ever since. Her tweets are savvy and easy to understand, so she's definitely worth a follow.

Lapin will be on the #PreMarket Prep show Monday, March 16 at 8:35 a.m. ET. Find out how you can her answer your questions live on the show and win a free copy of her NYT-best seller "Rich Bitch" here

Manisha Thakor, Director of Wealth Strategies for Women at Buckingham (@ManishaThakor)

Manisha Thakor tweets more than a handful of useful articles, including a few by herself (she's a guest columnist for The Wall Street Journal, among others). Her posts often focus on women and millennials.

Suze Orman, Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host (@SuzeOrmanShow)

Hard to make this kind of list without Suze Orman. She's incredibly active on Twitter, sending out tweets when her show is about to go live and responding to user questions.


Mary Beth Storjohann, Founder of Workable Wealth (@marybstorj)

There's a lot of value in the simple saving tricks and tips from Mary Beth Storjohann's Twitter account. Bonus: She tweets often, but it's not spammy.

Victor Ricciardi, Author of Behavioral Finance (@victorricciardi)

Victor Ricciardi provides a unique look at personal finances by investigating behaviors. He's a LinkedIn Influencer and posts many of the pieces he writes, as well as research papers from his work at Goucher College.

Jeff Rose, Author of Good Financial Cents (@jjeffrose)

Jeff Rose's financial advice comes from a family man, and his Twitter reflects that. Follow for links to his blog posts and the occasional humor to lighten your day.

Eleanor Blayney, CFP & Consumer Advocate (@EleanorBlayney)

Eleanor Blayney tweets a lot about what her fellow certified financial planners are up to and what it means to have the CFP designation.

Eric Roberge, Founder of Beyond Your Hammock (@beyondfinances)

Eric Roberge's Twitter is full of helpful originals and retweets, including quotes, facts and other useful information.

Carl Richards, CFP & Author of Behavior Gap (@behaviorgap)

Carl Richards writes one of the best personal finance blogs on the Internet, and they usually include simple diagrams that illustrate his point. Follow him to see his latest thoughts and writing.

Sophia Bera, CFP & Founder of Gen Y Planning (@sophiabera)

Sophia Bera also focuses on financial planning for Gen Y-ers. She tweets quick money tips, inspiring quotes and informative articles.

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