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In A Pandemic Here Are The Key Components To Bringing Your Business Online

In A Pandemic Here Are The Key Components To Bringing Your Business Online

No one could have predicted that in-person business in 2020 would be flipped upside down the way it has. Restaurants, retail stores, gyms, or pretty much any workplace that has close inter person contact has been disrupted, if not halted completely. Due to today's climate, businesses are shifting their models due to new and changing needs of customers.

Why it's important to bring your business online


Businesses that are not selling their products online are in a world of hurt right now. In-store shopping has a limited capacity on how many people are allowed in, as well as the mask requirements to enter the store. Customers now more than ever are turning to online solutions to fill their needs. This provides safety as well as convenience during uncertain times. If you have a business that is not prepared for selling online, you may already be many steps behind the competition.


Which Businesses Are Doing It Right Now


Some businesses are changing their strategies and focusing mainly on their online presence. For example, subscription companies are doing very well in this socially distanced world we are living in currently. One instance of an industry that is deeply affected by the pandemic would be the coffee industry, namely the coffee shops themselves. Due to the nature of coffee shops and how they operate, some companies are swooping in and offering coffee subscriptions straight to customer's doorsteps. They offer new flavors and deliver to customers on a regular cadence as a way to combat the in-person sales decline.


1. Choose Effective Software


You do not need to build your online business from scratch nowadays. There are plenty of out of the box solutions that allow you to start selling immediately. One example of a software platform that can provide you with this ability would be "Shopify" (NYSE: SHOP). With their services, you can start an online business, or move your existing business online. You can turn your retail store into an online store and retain your existing customers without any disruption!


2. Sell On Multiple Platforms


You may have heard the phrase "don't put all of your eggs into one basket" before. This common saying can apply to almost anything in life. If you are a business owner, selling on only one platform alone would be an example of this mistake. For instance, sales on Amazon may not be as good as something like Etsy for your particular niche. It's important to try multiple sources in order to find your sweet spot for your particular brand and customer base.


3. Figure Out Fulfillment


Fulfillment is a new concept to most new business owners, and the idea of fulfillment at scale can be daunting. Most companies either struggle with the concept mightily or are just barely able to perform fulfillment services for their business. Luckily, there are companies that offer fulfillment services to help manage the storing, picking, packing, shipping, and overall customer service for your products. Figuring out logistics is as easy as contacting PrintBindShip and we will handle this crucial step for you!

"We've taken customers that have never shipped a physical product to now shipping thousands of orders every month. Our experienced staff will walk you through the necessary steps to help your business be successful in the e-commerce space"

August Grebinski — Vice President at Mel Printing

4. Be Persistent But Also Realistic


As a business owner you should have dove into realistic metrics that would push your business forward. You need to be persistent but also data driven in your approach, or you can make a lot of wrong moves. When gearing your business towards an online based approach, it is important to have realistic goals and expectations.


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