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Four Innovative Companies Using Machine Learning To Better Serve Users


How many years do you think we have until most everything we interact with is powered by some form of artificial intelligence system? Implementation and execution are getting better every day. Accessibility to the teams and processes is getting easier every day, and there are new companies out there right now trying to find new and exciting ways to interject machine learning and artificial intelligence into projects that could greatly benefit from the services but have never been explored.

Everything from dating apps to beer brewing is being implemented with forms of artificial intelligence now - check out some of the more interesting projects, apps, and businesses below.

We love our beer so it should be no surprise that someone is out there trying to find innovative ways to include artificial intelligence in the brewing process. Essentially, what is happening is that users sample one of the company’s four conditioned, sample beers. They then use an online form (powered by Facebook Messenger) to discuss the beer.

These online surveys are then compiled and the data is sent to their artificial intelligence to gauge the reactions, the likes and dislikes, and uses that data to compile a new batch of beer. Ideally, as this process continues, a perfect beer is created. The bottles even have their version numbers on them, which is just pretty awesome. Maybe you liked v1.2 better than the new update.

Hey, I Like You. No, not like that. Hily is a new dating app to hit the scene that uses advanced features to keep spam off the site, but more than that, they are also using machine learning to match and show you friends and lovers that have a higher chance of success - all based on your past interactions, likes, and data you added.

Basically, the app will analyze everything you do on the app to make decisions on the kind of people you’ll potentially match with on the app. It’s not just as simple as both of you liking the same movie (even though I’m sure that does go into account). Hily is analyzing your time spent talking to matches - how long the convos go on and the depth’s of the conversation. It will also take note of who you swipe left and right, and use that information, as well, to create a profile of the person you may be looking for (and not even realize it).

You’ve probably heard of Prisma, but did you know it is using machine learning to better convert your pictures into stylized works of art. People are quick to call Prisma a filter app, but fail to see some of the really awesome things going on in the backend.

There are deep learning algorithms constantly at work, analyzing pictures to provide the best “filter” shading based on lighting, direction, and multiple other factors. Which, technically, it’s not even a filter, with Prisma’s algorithms actually recreating the photo from scratch. While the processing is done on Prisma’s servers and not on-device, the company ensures that none of your photos are being stored in their cloud systems.

Traveling is amazing, but also kind of a pain - especially when you’re on a budget and you’re looking to find the best prices on flights and hotels. We can extend that even further, because it’s not always just about the price, however, and sometimes we just have personal preferences when it comes to these matters. The problem is that it can be difficult to not only find the best deals, but be available to snag that deal when it randomly pops up. FinalPrice is, hopefully, a solution to those issues.

Using machine learning, FinalPrice is constantly monitoring hotel and flight prices to not only give you the best deals, but to make sure the suggestion is something you’re interested in. It analyzes your other stays, pricing, location, to best cater to your needs when presenting travel options. This rating used is called A Traveler’s Score, and even gives users the ability to input old travel itinerary into the system to serve better results.

These are but four innovative startups using machine learning to give users a better experience. It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur or even just a fan of business right now as artificial intelligence continues its rise through sectors and businesses throughout the world - popping up unexpectedly in many places to deliver a better beer or a better dating experience.

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