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Hackers Not Attracted to Small Businesses? False


Originally published on Fox Business

Small business owners may think the size of their company precludes them from being targets of identity theft, not realizing they are more at risk than the larger companies.

Unlike big businesses that can afford an army of IT professionals focused solely on security, many small business owners don't have the time to plug vulnerabilities in their computer systems. While they think their small size means they aren't on the radar screens of hackers, the security holes is exactly what's attracting the criminals.

“The excuse we hear a lot from small businesses is they are too small to be noticed but that's not how it works,” says Neal O'Farrell, Executive Director of The Identity Theft Council. “They (hackers) use automated tools to look for vulnerable websites and computers.”

Identity theft can be costly to any sized business but for small businesses it can be devastating. If the small business's customer data is breached at the very least it can shake the confidence in the business and at the worst mean lost customers forever. If the owner is the target he or she can see the bank accounts wipe out and their cash flow disappear.

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