Is Personalized AI The Future Of Investing?


Investing can feel like starting a road trip with a destination in mind but no road map. With new artificial intelligence (AI) investing tools coming on the market, you can finally get the guide you need to chart your journey. Investor-friendly tools like AI investing software, AI-powered searches and AI-powered investing assistants unlock a portfolio’s potential. As the capabilities of artificial intelligence improve, American attitudes toward AI are evolving. As recently as 2018, only 25% of Americans had a positive view of AI. Today, just 5 years later, 60% of Americans have a positive view of AI. 

The Current State of the Investment Industry

The investment industry is experiencing a period of rapid change. The current shift to provide low to no minimums is lowering the barriers to entry and empowering individual investors with increased access to markets. Investors can invest on their phones from virtually any place and at any time.  Through fractional shares, investors now have access to stocks that they might not have been able to purchase previously.. AI-assisted investing is the latest of these transformative technologies to make a wave in the investing landscape. Top investing platforms have AI investing apps, AI trading bots and intuitive website designs that integrate AI technology into investing strategies. 

AI stock trading software takes information such as price volatility and risk into consideration when analyzing specific investments. The integration of AI into investing encourages investors to make informed decisions about a continuously expanding pool of investments. 

Finance-focused mobile apps let you select from over 15,000 different investment opportunities. AI and digital connectivity promise a future that combines machine learning with human innovation for many industries, including investing.

Introduction to Personalized AI Investing

AI rapidly sorts and makes connections between impressive amounts of data. Such quick pattern recognition and problem-solving skills allow AI to replicate how humans make decisions. The application of AI in investing allows mainstream investors to oversee personalized investments. 

Although this type of technology was relatively unheard of a few decades ago, it has quickly gained traction. For instance, many people have been recently introduced to the power of AI through ChatGPT - an AI chatbot that can answer virtually any question. A 2023 survey found that 41% of respondents would make an investment decision based on guidance from AI like ChatGPT. 

Personalization provides investors with tools to make better-informed investment decisions at an increasingly affordable price point. AI assistants stand out from automated processes by supporting an investor's freedom to choose. For example, AI technology helps individuals oversee their investments from a more personalized level and differs from the services typically provided by robo-advisors.

Implications of Personalized AI Investing

One key benefit of using AI-driven technology when investing is that it helps you make decisions using historical data, current market trends and financial analysis. 

AI breaks down an impressive amount of data while searching for and identifying patterns that allow you to trade more profitably. While data correlation might be difficult to perceive for a human investor, AI offers the tools and resources that detect relevant details in seconds. 

AI-driven investment technology offers investors opportunities to identify and capitalize on personalized investing tools. For example, AI-powered search and an AI-powered investing assistant can craft investment strategies that align with an investor’s personal interests and level of risk tolerance. 

Benefits of Personalized AI in Investing

Personalized AI investing tools provided by AI-assisted investment platforms give investors access to important data, individualized recommendations, analysis tools, latest news and more.

How AI Can Help Create an Investment Strategy

Personalized AI investing tools give your greater control over your portfolio by providing data points tailored to your risk appetite and objectives. For example, you can craft an investment strategy that focuses on stable growth over time or rapid aggressive growth based on your level of risk tolerance. From there, AI investing tools can offer recommendations that fit your unique strategy. As time goes on, you can continuously tailor your preferences for a truly personalized approach. 

How AI Enables You to Create a Retirement Plan

For investors interested in retirement, AI provides a personalized investment plan tailored to your needs. AI uses a combination of algorithms to understand your financial situation while also considering your timeline. 

For example, the retirement plan recommended for an investor more than 40 years away from retirement will differ from an individual less than 12 years away from retiring. While crafting a retirement plan, AI offers tools and recommendations to finetune your trajectory toward retirement. 

How AI Can Help You Analyze Investments

AI can help you analyze investments using complex algorithms. The sheer amount of data collected and harnessed by AI can be difficult for humans to gather and comprehend. AI works to swiftly detect patterns and provide personalized investment nudges that keep you informed. 


Pattern recognition enables AI investing technologies to offer insights that can help optimize portfolio returns. AI examines relevant data such as price history and current valuation. Additional information such as news and insights can also be helpful. 

How AI Can Help You Monitor Investment Growth

AI-driven personalized investing provides useful tools designed to monitor your investment growth. For example, many AI tools provide frequent reminders to keep a portfolio on track. The tools can analyze a portfolio and offer adjustments designed to improve the overall strength of the portfolio.  

Smart data tools appeal to investors of all levels of experience. For example, some apps use voice-to-text features to engage investors in personalized conversations about the market. 

How AI Allows You to Capitalize on Data

AI technology analyzes information to ensure data is as recent and relevant as possible. Instead of searching for one-off data points or spending hours researching a stock, AI simplifies the process by filtering through large data sets at record speed - pinpointing the most noteworthy pieces of information. Ask your personalized AI-investing advisor about a certain investment, and you’ll get a clear snapshot of the critical information you need to make a decision. 

Built-In Brokerage

Streamlined accessibility through AI-assisted investment platforms allow investors to take charge of their financial future. These platforms function as a brokerage combined with sophisticated AI tools. 

Unlike a traditional brokerage, however, AI investing platforms provide the benefits of AI-driven investing within the same interface. Plus, they generally feature lower fees and lower investment minimums than traditional platforms. 


AI delivers sophisticated research tools that retail investors have traditionally been unable to access. By providing easily digestible data points and filtering key information, AI has the potential to boost investor strategy at every experience level. Retail investors are able to take greater control over their portfolios and execute trades at optimal knowledge levels and speed.

AI Offers Untapped Potential for Investors

AI provides an exciting opportunity for long-term investors. You can benefit from AI as an investor by capitalizing on the data it provides to mitigate the risk of market fluctuations. An AI-powered investing assistant lets you engage with data-driven content using simple prompts. AI remains relatively new, but these intelligent tools show enormous promise for helping investors build a stable financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the future of investing?
A: The future of investing will likely focus on the growing number of investing-related opportunities such as AI technology. New technologies, including AI-assisted investment platforms, blockchain and cryptocurrency, offer investors a new perspective on a well-established industry.
Q: How can AI be used in investing?
A: AI can be used in investing to provide investors with accessible and affordable investment tools. AI offers a streamlined approach to intelligent investing by providing mainstream investors with resources such as AI-powered search and an AI-powered investing assistant.
Q: What are the benefits of a personalized investment strategy?
A: A personalized investment strategy allows each person to craft a portfolio according to their individual needs. Ideally, a personalized investment strategy helps investors set and achieve long-term and short-term investing goals.
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