Fintech Focus For November 27, 2020

Quote To Start The Day: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.

Source: James Mattis

One Big Thing In Fintech: Robinhood, creator of the popular stock-trading app of the same name, announced on Friday that Vlad Tenev will be the company's sole chief executive, ending an arrangement in which Tenev and cofounder Baiju Bhatt have shared the top job since the company's launch in 2013.

Source: Fortune

Other Key Fintech Developments:

  • Cashfree raises $35.3M for payments.
  • Coinbase front-runs NYT investigation.
  • Chip savings app intros a new account.
  • Stripe in talks for a new funding round.
  • DAI price increases led to a liquidation.
  • HKEX looks to accelerate settlements.
  • Shopify a major winner in Affirm’s IPO.
  • Become intros a Shopify App, Beprofit.
  • Mettalex is bridging the gap with DeFi.
  • DigitalX intros RegTech for the market.
  • STAX secures first cryptocurrency IPO.
  • Intuit, Credit Karma acquisition cleared.
  • Why companies are getting into crypto.
  • Point72-backed Productfy taps $2.35M.

Watch Out For This: FedEx has long been a global leader in moving your things from place to place. But it's been the embrace of technology that's moved FedEx the company from where it was to where it needed to be.

Source: Protocol

Interesting Reads:

  • Internet struggles on an AWS outage.
  • Industries Amazon could disrupt next.
  • YouTube barred, demonetized OANN.
  • Mattis assesses pandemic responses.
  • Podcast: Chris Camillo talks investing.
  • Twitter to launch account verifications.
  • The man in charge of the vaccine trial.
  • Lessons from the Wirecard’s collapse.

Market Moving Headline: The closed-end fund market was marred by volatility in 2020, leading to the potential for tax loss selling in Q4 – this may provide opportunities to buy select high yielding sectors at attractive discounts.

Source: BlackRock

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