Bob Peck Explains Why Twitter Will Settle For A 'Triumvirate' Leadership Structure As Early As Next Week

Suntrust analyst Bob Peck released a note earlier on Friday in which he mentioned that Twitter Inc TWTR can take a decision on who is going to be its permanent CEO as early as next week and most probably that position will be taken by Jack Dorsey.

Peck was on CNBC recently to discuss about this.

Important To Solidify The Ranks

"We think that the Board understands that to get stability in the management, it's important to solidify the rest of the ranks of Twitter as well as to keep the product cadence on track here," Peck said. "So, as we have written about before, we think it will be this triumvirate structure with Jack Dorsey as CEO while probably still being CEO over at Square, Adam Bain as President and Ev Williams as Chairman of the Board [because] he is more active on the Board."

Speeding Up The Process

On whether he thinks this can happen as early as next week, Peck said, "Yeah, we originally [target] right after Labor Day and it was heard that it was speeding up the process. And so, it could happen as early as next week now."

A Good Second Choice

Peck was asked if he thinks it would be an ideal solution for Twitter and is Jack Dorsey the right person to be the CEO. He replied, "I think, the ideal solution for Twitter shareholders would be, he be the sole CEO and not be CEO over at Square as well. But, I think, given the complexity of Twitter and the intricacies of Twitter, [it] needs someone with intimate knowledge. So, I think, having him there, they are having this triumvirate sort of position is probably a good second choice solution for this."

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